Wicked | Reviewer: Calvin | 7/22/08

Good song, but there is always in EVERY Dragonforce song, like a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE guitar solo. How can Herman Li and Sam Totman do that? They must seriously make their fingers get cut off lol :P

Whoaa | Reviewer: EmoHero | 6/27/08

I dont rele like metals, but when i hear this song...I feel something different. There is no 'scream'...I mean like the one in ordinary metal songs...

Bored for love songs? I highly recommend DRAGONFORCE! Rock on!

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/08

DragonForce is awesome! The combination of their music, voices and the text they sing gets me inspired so much. I'm just a simple creator of Warcraft III Maps atm hehe xD But because of their songs I get nice story-lines and NPC names etc...

DragonForce FOREVER!

Amazing Songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

hey just wanted to say that DragonForce's music is amazing. I love fantasy books, and every time I read them I think of their songs. I listen to this song many, many times a day and hope they put it on Guitar Hero 4! (89% Expert Through The Fire and Flames) =D

pretty damn amazing... | Reviewer: dyladk92@yahoo.com | 2/22/08

actually all of their songs are pretty different from each other... thats what makes them so good... its almost like they play different genres or something... keep fuckin playing and make that major impact on music we are all looking for!!!!!!!!!

Fury of the Storm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/08

Sorry, anonymous, but the Sonic Firestorm album was released approximately 4 months before the release of World of Warcraft...

Sonic Firestorm album release - May 11, 2004
World of Warcraft release - November 23, 2004

fury of the storm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

if anyone cares this song was inspired by a pvp battle group from WoW for higher lvls called, u guessed it fury of the storm. its a great song i just thought id share that little tidbit ^.^

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/07

OMG i loveee thiss songg <33 itss soo amazinggg <3 i lovee itt! i can listenn to itt all dayy longg <3 i lovee the singerrs voicee soooo muchhh <3 thiss is suchh a greattt songg <3 ilyy!

AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Daniel | 12/8/07

my friend introduced me to Dragonforce and i thinnk that thy're absolutely wicked. And Herman Li is an absolute gun on the guitar. Fury of the Storm is my fav Dragonforce song cause it has the most intense guitar. in one word, "AWESOME!!!!"

Dude... | Reviewer: Griffin | 12/3/07

I play Guild Wars and my guild's name is [FTS], Fury of the Storms. This is our battle song. We always play it over Vent before a battle. It's perfect.