just amazing | Reviewer: isaque | 5/11/09

Evening star is the first tune by DragonForce that got me into the band.
It's you know just great. Simple, beautiful, great chorus melody, great solos etc.
Tnx D.-Force for the hit!
Let's now head from Brazil to the Land of desire, the land of the Evening star...

great! | Reviewer: DemGR | 2/28/09

This song sounds great. I think it is clearly different from the other ones. It has great solos and the intro is truly nice! Even the lyrics look good and unique. One of my favourites songs of Dragonforce.

amazing | Reviewer: peter | 7/7/08

well i just think that evening star is so amazing as u can see great lyrics awesome intro, awesome singing by ZP in it, and amazing guitar in it just perfect in my opinion that is right from the first time i even heard the intro i fell in love.... anyways love this band... we will sail on, forever on to the land of the evening star!!!! love this friggin song

anyways please dont contact me if it isnt something very important thanks :)