no... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/09

no guys, there is no religion, u just need to have the correct point of view , the one they havge when they make their music,look: the difference between DF and other metal bands is that DF doesn't say nonsens, they say important things, like...sentences to tell u what to do in life, this music, says: Can you imagine that it's all up to you? they say that u can get great things with evil methots, like drugs, for example, understand guys?

Disciples of Babylon | Reviewer: Jeroen | 8/6/09

I really don't know how you can associate these lyrics with satanic things/satanism. It clearly has something to do with reaching higher states, maybe drugs, maybe sex, but I really can't see what this has to do with satanism.

Just my two cents.

Commendation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/09

I just started listening to DragonForce recently, so please no harshness from other reviewers. One thing I have to admit about this song is that it has one of the most beautiful and well-composed piano solos I have heard from any kind of recent music. =)

Great song | Reviewer: Morten Bakke | 1/26/09

Not their best song. But realy good

And it is realy easy to hear how much better the vocalist have becomed. Just listen to one of their newest song. 10 times better vocals. But this lyrics makes my body freeze. best part of the song.

I remember it maked me cry one time while listen to this song. So inspiring.

should be in star wars the force unleashed | Reviewer: ricross 15 | 12/9/08

love this song. its like they are followers of satan and they want to break free from him. im saying it should be in star wars cause its like what happened to vader's apprentice, he wants to break frre and go to the good side.

Both right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

The original Dragon Heart Valley of the Damned Demo album had the version he was talking about and then they re-did some of the lyrics and came out with the DragonForce Valley of the Damned (2003) vrsion you see above. Got it?

erm. | Reviewer: Arschloch | 6/4/07

I don't know if that last post was to be a joke, but it's deff. through the darkness, and the pain.

pwnt noob.

;) | Reviewer: Jon Vi├░ar | 5/13/07

Can he comfort thee
And fill your life with ecstasy?
Through the darkness
And the pain
Will you be the ones again?

it isnt trough the darkness It's
Surround by darkness and the pain ;)