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Performed by Dragonforce

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Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

I love this song. I accually made a Final Fantasy X/X-2 video with this song. Dragonforce is probably my favorite band but they have one constant problem... Lots of the music sounds the same. Lots of the songs have the exact same basic drum beat(differnt fills and solos) but basically the same beat. I would prefer they put more variety in that but i still love them.

Great song | Reviewer: Eric | 1/14/08

Phil: Your brother is wrong there: listen to In Flames - Melodic Death Metal, great. And I would classify Dragonforce more as speedmetal than powermetal, though they of course show both elements. And I like when harder bands perform ballads: Listen to Come Clarity by In Flames and I won't see you tonight pt 1/Seize the day/Warmness on the soul/Shattered by broken Dreams by Avenged Sevenfold. (Though some of them also contain melodic screaming and/or harder parts)

This song pwns!!! | Reviewer: Phil | 12/27/07

This song rocks but.... this is power metal and isnt it supposed to be fast?(I'm not a critic)Actually I prefer slower songs sometimes so I can keep up with the music when singin.... I'm new to heavy metal and power metal..... I like rock 2! Not interested in death metal.... my brother told me all they do is scream and shake their heads for the whole song!!!!! :) -_- =) (lol)

Great Song | Reviewer: Kyle | 12/15/07

This song's lyrics are definetely my favorite, just because they are so moving and inspirational.

Starfire isn't one of my favorites, I have to say.

The song that has my favorite 'beat' is "Diciples of Babylon" (especially the intro) and the best song overall is "Fury of the Storm."

this song OWNS | Reviewer: Heavy Metal Airsofter | 12/13/07

this is personally my favorite dragonforce song other than through the fire and flames, and i knew about dragonforce long before they were in GH, but all their songs are kick ass

this song rules | Reviewer: bloodwraith | 12/12/07

this is one of the best dragonforce songs there is. NO COMMENT IS COMPLETELY GAY FOR SAYING THAT!!! only losers like him cant take dragonforce in a song like this and starfire. dawn over a new world and starfire and two of the best dragonforce songs!!

NO COMMENT IS A BITCHFACE MOTHERFUCKER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/07

such a good song
i do love their h-core stuff
but for some reason dawn over a new world and starfire are my favourite songs by dragonforce
the lyrics in those two songs are just epic

Dawn over a new style | Reviewer: Jon Booker | 8/5/07

A beautiful song from an immensely talented band. when Extreme released 'more than words' everyone proclaimed they were showing that a kick arse band can show an emotional side, and it works too.
There's emotional meanings in the lyrics beyond the music which different people can relate to in different ways. Personally i love this song as a 'dawn over a new world' to me depicts the transition from this life to the next, i'd sure love this song at my funeral. Having recently lost my 17 y/o brother-in-law to 'unknown causes' this song touches my heart every time i play it.
Dont get me wrong, i live life loud, but sometimes it's good to have a song that means something on a deep level.

To surmise: Iron fist in a velvet glove. Fantastic.

TAKE THAT | Reviewer: brad | 6/15/07

i agree great song and if you cant take you metal not dispalyed softly as well as hard and fast u must be a winny little fairy

Versitality | Reviewer: Verderben Ritter | 6/14/07

Just because they are not performing in their typical manner does not make this a bad song. It shows they are true musicians because they can do more than just one thing. THAT is talent. Branching out takes skill. This song was meant to be more emotional. The lyrics coupled with the slow pace give this song a powerful and touching effect. Slow guitar takes a much skill as fast guitar, and the vocals are awesome as well.

NO COMMENT | Reviewer: me | 5/25/07

bad song
not dragonforce
it cant be
wat did they do themselves
i think they stopped the crack to write sumthin like this

\m/ rock on | Reviewer: maggot_19m | 3/2/06

Trading highspeed guitars for a more sentimental feeling, using melodic catchy riffs with vocalist Zp Theart singing from the deep of his heart. A very interisting and enjoyable ride. A beautiful dawn over a new world of power metal indeed.

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