Missing Lyrics | Reviewer: Nhoj | 3/27/11

This is the studio album version. The "missing lyrics" that everyone is fighting about are on the Demo Album, Valley of the Damned. The demo was made when they were DragonHeart but they had to change because a power metal band in Brazil had that name first. The demo was released in 1999. The studio version was released in 2003.

missing lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/11

This is the real version, the one that actually says the words "Black Winter Night" is from the demo album Valley of the Damned. They made this back when they were named DragonHeart. The Studio album Valley of the Damned, contains the version found on this site. This is the real album.

Regarding 'Missing' Lyrics | Reviewer: LordHawke | 11/26/10

The 'missing' version referenced by Chansu can be found on the original album from 2003. Before recording the 2010 remix of Valley of the Damned, ZP Theart left the band. With his departure and the inability of the remaining members to perform at ZP's level, new lyrics were substituted for this song. Black Winter Night is the only instance of this happening with DragonForce.

They're written here. | Reviewer: Chansu | 11/23/07

Yea, there are two versions of the song I figured out when I got the CDs, compared to my DL'd ones. But if you read later on in the lyrics it says:

We will raise our swords high on the black winter night
sing with power and glory for all
we will never surrender we stand strong and fight
for the king and the crown will not fall

Those are the "missing" lyrics to the version your thinking of. The other version is how it's written:

We fight the battle on the fields tonight
To save us from the master of all evil sign
And so we battle on forever standing strong
We feel the fire power of the night warriors.

So if you want the lyrics for the otehr version, simply copy and paste, then copy and paste the corrections from this page aswell.

Haha you fool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

The lyrics you're listening to are the original lyrics of the song, this year (2007) Dragonforce re-made their album Valley of the Damned and these lyrics are the new version.

This is the Album Version | Reviewer: Flaubert | 3/26/07

There are two versions to this song with two different lyrics. Download the whole Dragonforce discography to see for yourself.

What the? | Reviewer: steven | 2/24/07

Most of the lryics to this song aren't even on there what the. It's a bad-ass song but someone put lyrics on there that they thought were the lyrics but really they aren't.