Reviews for A Flame For Freedom Lyrics

Performed by Dragonforce

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GLORIOUS FLAME FOR FREEDOM | Reviewer: Kogot | 10/22/13

Truly a masterpiece! Dforce has always been close to my heart, They make magestic music and I constantly await more from them! This is probably my favorite song of theirs and one of their most well written pieces!

best song | Reviewer: brad turner | 6/23/11

I play guitar to nothing But DForce and yea. They make me wanna write songs like this one. If you've ever tried you'd ask yourself how they made this masterpiece and have a lot more apreciation for these guys' truly amazing sense of music and theory. It sounds so Heroic haha!

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/08

i think this song is great. i like it how dragonforce can make even the less intense songs great like dawn over a new world, trails of broken hearts and starfire. everyone seems to think that all dragonforce do is shred their guitars because of through fire and flames but dragonforce has some of the best non-intense songs around, maybe thats because i play piano

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