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Standing Knee Deep In a River | Reviewer: A.K. Raymond | 1/13/13

oh Don, you are gifted with such an amazing voice, so soft,tender and above all touching. Anytime I play your songs it look as if they were made for me becuase your songs tends to address things I've been through before and things that are happening to me now.
THERE'S A SAYING "Good Music Last forever!".........GHANA,West Africa Love you.

I've got a winner in you | Reviewer: flint mushemi | 11/25/12

No singer in the intire music world has ever inspired me like wiliams.i can even boast that i know almost all his songs by heart yet i never get familiar with the songs, they r just as new & they lift my spirit.wateva sisituation i go through i knw there is owez a song that will make me fill better which suits my situation.ryt now am listenin so much to 'i've got a winner in you' i guess u knw why...FLINT, lusaka zambia

The Cowboy | Reviewer: Phanuel Phatlhane | 11/21/12

Hi,I write from South Africa and I've been listening to the cowboy forever.The song that tickles my fancy is "I recall a gypsy woman".It has a sentimental value to my life.He's a love song singing cowboy,still love him.

Lord I hope this day is good | Reviewer: Ohia Chibuike Obi | 11/15/12

I must say, I've been richly blessed by ur music, Inspired by your wordings(lyrics) and I must also admit that your songs have made an immense impact in me. The likes of "Lord I hope this day is good, Your my best friend, Till the rivers all run dry, Love is on a roll & I,m just a country boy, etc."God bless you(Don williams). The great Don of all Dons.

You are my best friend | Reviewer: Simon Sikenyi | 10/11/12

Don, the title of the song already explains it. I have always dedicated this song many times to my best friends to appreciate them... What a song! What a voice! What a message... We Kenyans love your music.

The best COUNTRY-BOY | Reviewer: W.P.J Akwenye | 9/21/12

MR Don, your musics are so pure without strain and no evil vocalic; they actually give me comfort whenever i am down. Due to the love of your songs, you are always in my lists of favourite artists. I thank almighty for a talent He has given you and that you've used it well. Stay bless SIR!

Good Music Is Endless | Reviewer: Michael Ohai | 6/6/12

Don Williams has been someone i can't but listen 2 his music everyday of my life. Life couldnt have been better without legends like you.. I can't point 2 any of ur music as saying this is my favourite.. Is it music titles like; love stars state

Don the Best! | Reviewer: Ekene Donald | 6/1/12

Don Williams's, I believe in You and Senorita, was d and is still d reason why my Girl friend of d late 90's is my Wife today! Each time my (then)girlfriend comes to our house i will just slot d cassette of Don's music and she will be singing along because it's easy to understand and hear Don's wordings, so it was during one of those periods that she accepted my proposal to be my wife, because wit Don Williams songs she understood the True meaning of Love!.. Thank you Don d Best, for making my dream of marrying my Dream Girl a reality through your Lovable wonderful songs.

Almighty Don Williams. There is never your second. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/12

My Mentor as I fondly call him is the best musician in the world. His lyrics are words of the reasoning and thinking man. One thing about his songs is that every of his song has a message dwelling in me. Listen to his you're my best friend. Your girl friend will have no reason of saying no to you. Listen to his Am just a country boy. In fact he is my Music Daddy. I love him and love him. DON! DON!! DON!!! WILLIAMS. HE IS THE MAN. Darlington Akpoturu from Igbide Delta State Nigeria.

He Is The Don Of Country Musics. | Reviewer: Samuel Asiamah | 4/11/12

i have listened to so many country musics but Don Williams music seems special to my hearing. It inspires and strengthens me. On this note i think he is a hero,and the don of country musics. BLESS HIM!!

Hi Don | Reviewer: Vince croft | 3/24/12

My father was also named Don. He has since pasted and I just wanted everyone, including you to know, he loved your music! I grew up listening to your music as well. I know we have never met but listening to your music I feel as if I know you. With that said, that is credit to your talent as a song writer. I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for the music industry! You were a HERO to my Father! Thank You Don Williams!

Vincent Croft

It's Taken Too Long | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/11

Too Long for Don Williams to get the recognition and raves that he deserves!! It was only a few days ago that I saw him singing You're My Best Friend on stage and gave the singing over to the audience!! Very poor taste, I thought! They went there to hear Don Williams and then somehow thought they could do better, and Mr. Williams, being the "Gentle Giant" he is, let 'em do it!! And from the looks on the face of the guitar player right behind him, he didn't like it either. Mr. Williams deserved better. I've been listening to him for innumerable years, and love his music. I sing along with him too - in my truck!

Still got it | Reviewer: Judith | 11/19/11

Saw you last night in Las Vegas, in concert. You have the most relaxing, comforting speaking voice! The audience was so appreciative. You started out with my favorite, Rake and a Rambling Man. You had the audience singing along with you, which was spontaneous, and you stopped and seemed to enjoy that they knew every word and honestly, the audience was also singing gently, moved by the spirit of the song (I thought it was Amanda, another favorite). I am 83 yrs old, and first listened to you on cassette. You have the most wonderful singing voice and while you speak in deep bass, I was amazed at your range, not high but higher than your speaking voice. You made all songs seem so personal. Your band was really great, too.

The legend in my heart | Reviewer: Desmond | 11/9/11

Mr.Don,your are the legend in my heart.Your ever living album 'we shall be together' has indirectly brought the world together.whenever am listening to your music it will look as if am in paradise. I cherish the impact you have laid in music industry world wide. Daddy,I love you. Voice from Africa

my best | Reviewer: brian mauwa | 10/25/11

Don Williams is one of the inspirational music artists of all times. his soft music full of messages on how we should love. i believe this kind of music relaxes the mind and makes one happy whenever they are listened to. with the profound love for this great artist, i salute you Don. thank you

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