Touches my heart | Reviewer: Chris | 3/25/13

Here I am writing my first review. I heard about this song tonight and very thankful Ive now heard it (many many times !). I know the song was written for Transamerica movie which is on my To Watch list now! I'm not Part of this group but am a gay male. How the song speaks to me is about the hard road Ive travelled being a gastric bypass patient. I've lost 343 pounds and have been called names by both child and adult alike. Also been critized for "taking the easy road" which is quite the contrary if people truly knew how difficult the surgery is.
To all of my brothers and sisters that this song speaks to, please know you aren't alone and Id give each and every one of you a hug and moral support. Keep traveling and I pray your journey is as successful as mine has been. I will share a saying my mom use to tell me when is cry after school when kids were cruel "Always remember that as long as those mean and hateful people are picking on you , that means they are leaving someone else alone who couldnt handled the hatred. You are strong and you are loved for you !" Hugs everyone. -- Chris --

Anthem of acceptance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/13

Heard this song for the first time today; i had to research the lyrics to make sure that I heard them correctly. This song should be sung in every house of worship in the world. What a wonderful expression of acceptance and tolerance. It truly is an anthem of self-acceptance and self-love. I am just sorry that it took me so long to learn about it. Evelyn

T | Reviewer: T | 12/29/09

Dolly rocks! I am in no way religious (spiritual, but not religious), but I suspect this woman is an angel walking around disguised as a human.
I'm also f2M and appreciate that such a well-respected artist added so much to the message of this film by, once again, showing the courage to speak the truth.
Rock on, Dolly!

Thank you, Dolly! | Reviewer: Joel | 4/23/09

I am a transgender man (female to male), and this song is a real inspriation. It's wonderful coming from my favorite female artist of all time, and this song lifts me when I am down. The lyrics are beautiful, and the voice behind the lyrics is even more amazing.
I just want to say THANK YOU DOLLY!


Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

this is an uplifting song, when i feel down or when im driving i love to blast this up on the cd player :) thank you dolly

great | Reviewer: Jerry | 11/11/06