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Performed by Divinyls

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Correct lyrics, please? | Reviewer: Elsie Devotee | 4/29/12

Every lyric site prints these song lyrics incorectly. Do they all use the same database? I have listened to this song since its release in the 80's. Please use the following corrections.

Line 6: "Tries to avoid a confrontation"
Line 7: "Memories of the kind that she'd rather leave behind"
Line 9: "Life can be lonely; Life can be very sad."
Line 10:"Life can be something you wish you never had."
Line 13:"No Stories worth discovering,"
Line 14:"Dreams have past recovering,"
Line 15:"Never had a chance from the beginning."
Line 23:"Smells of bugs and fornication"

The ultimate gaffe is completely missing Line 15, which sums up the sadness of Elsie: "Nevr had a chance from the beginning.

This morose song is a beautiful, powerful expression of the sadness felt by many at one time or another in our lives. Please print the lyrics properly, for Elsie's Sake!

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