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Performed by Disturbed

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Review about This Moment
------Performed by Disturbed | 08/28/2007 11:00:00 AM

this moment lyrics

Marietta, Marietta

You won't remember this moment as you dig into me,
And from your smile now it seems as if you liked it,
You're gonna cherish this moment as you dig into me,
You'll never get another chance at this, Marietta

I won't stand another minute of you questioning me,
You make me and now the interrogations over,
I can't handle the feeling of you pestering me,
How would you like to meet my favourite fists, Marietta?

No, you can't relieve I love to see you pay

I dream this moment as you run away,
You would only separate me from what I
Believe this moment in your brutality,
You're the one who kept on pushing till I made you bleed

It seems your pride has been stolen since you stood up to me,
I'll take it now you think I really like it,
So learn a lesson from someone that will never repeat,
The many tragicnesses of this past, Marietta

I hope you savour this moment while your still on your feet,
Now keep it quiet coz I think you're gonna like it,
What happens, consequence when their spoken to me,
Better be careful when your writing checks, Marietta

Don't you question how I stand above you, now


Marietta, Marietta

Now you know the answer,
Save yourself from danger,
I cannot forget how
All of this began

I know you know the answer,
Save yourself from danger,
Beaten by a stranger,
Blood still on his hands, I


Marietta, Marietta

Marietta, Marietta

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