Excellent song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/07

This is an excellent song and Disturbed is an excellent band, but I am troubled to notice much homophobia among its fanbase. The one who said that this song was "gay" was wrong, because he believed that the song was "stupid," not "homosexual." However, although Disturbed fans are definitely more accurate than that person, they are also at fault in calling him gay, because he is not homosexual, he is stupid. Rock on Disturbed!

About the song Ten Thousand Fists performed by Disturbed | Reviewer: evilweasel121@yahoo.com | 8/2/07

guys start listening to good music ie : atreyu or children of bodom not a bunch of panseys

Wreck'd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/07

Whoever said it was gay needs to be cut up into very small pieces and fed to their parents as chili. This song is one of my faorites, along with sons of plunder.

Ten thousand fists. | Reviewer: Yo | 7/25/07

Anyoone notice the correlation between "ten thousand fists" and the nickname for the Vietam war "Ten thousand day war"? Tool has already played off of this entitling their new CD "Ten thousand days". Before you screw with someone elses interpretation of lyrics, have some respect for differences of opinions.

ToYouFukkin"Anonymous" | Reviewer: x!xJakex!x | 7/16/07

I Am One Of The Biggest Disturbed Fans There Is..
Ide Like To See Ur Song On The Page Of A Lyric Website..Even Tho Ur Probably Too Retarded To Make On..Idc If You Don't Like The Song..But Don't Fukkin Go Sayin "This Is The Worst Song Ever..And The Lyric:"You Will Remember The Night You Were Struck By The Sight Of Ten Thousand Fists In The Air" Is Like The Best Lyric Coz This Song Was Dedicated To The Fans..You On The Other Hand Will Probably Not Hav Any Fans For Anything.

Nonne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

Don't get it, what in gods name do you think is gay in this song? I'm really confused, i cannot see a single word nor line that would strenghten your statement...

Gayness? | Reviewer: Satan | 7/17/07

Who was the imbecile who said this song was gay?
Are you deaf? Can you not hear? Is your IQ lower than your shoe size?

For the absolute LEGENDS who like this song and actually appreciate it for the brilliance that it is, i have one thing to say. OOH WA-A-A-A!!!!

what!?!?! | Reviewer: metal cat | 7/16/07

if anyone ever says any song by disturbed waqs gay and i knew who that son of a bitch was, i woul personally jam their head in a fucking meat grinder. if you had a dick id jam that in instead. this is one of my favorite songs by them so watch your fucking back you dildo.

Best Song | Reviewer: Spaceman Joe | 7/16/07

This has to be the best fuckin video to the band. You have to be gay not to think its AWESOME.

(Y) | Reviewer: Faye | 7/11/07

I was reading through these reviews... And how can you say this song is fucking gay?!
I think these guys wrote this song about their emotions when they play on stage. Christ, you cannot NOT feel moved when you see people appreciating and supporting you like metal fans.I'm proud to be one, and this song is immense! TEN THOUSAND FISTS IN THE AIR!

what!!!!!!!!!1 | Reviewer: ur own mom | 7/6/07

u got 2 be the gayest person ever for not liking this song

Quote | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

@"this has to be the worst song ever..."You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of ten thousand fists in the air" has to be the gayest lyric ever written."

You're significantly more gay than that will ever be.

NO | Reviewer: ur mom | 7/4/07


lol | Reviewer: ur face | 7/4/07

u have got to be the gayest person ever for not liking this sont this song is 1 of the best songs ever

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

I am currently stoned out of my mind ROCK ON!!! Best stoned song ever.