1 of many | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

1 of my fave bands, is this 1 along with others such as bullet for my valentine , H.I.M. and a lot more, like the song says PEOPLE CAN NO LONGER COVER THEIR EYES IF THIS DISTURBS YOU THEN WALK AWAY, cuz my fist is up

three albums and this is the best | Reviewer: cdawg | 4/16/08

i have three disturbed albums on my ipod and this is the best one stricken, land of confusion, decadence, sons of plunder.. no wat all of them rock mofos so buy the album and hold ur fist high in the air! ROCK ON!

ten thousand days meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

There is correlation between ten thousand fists and the vietnam war, however, Tool's album ten thousand days is actually related to the length of time it look the lead singers mothers to die after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Hence the song Wings for Marie

side note: Ten Thousand Fists, i what your mum takes ;)

One of the best... | Reviewer: toster1992 | 1/20/08

This sone has to be one of my favorites...so any one who will think badly of this song...we have all of these rockers to back this up, my fist is in the air...RAW-RAW!!!...but don't take my word for it...go listen yourself instead of reading lyrics...rock on...

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

I've seen the past 30 - 40 comments, and I have to say that whoever said that it was gay seriously needs to rethink their opinion before this mob of angry fans kills him (or her). I think that this , Stricken , and Land of confusion are their best songs. ROCK ON!!

ROCKS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: AngelofDeath | 12/29/07

I got an iPod Shuffle for Christmas, and the FIRST thing I did was buy this song and the second thing I did was buy Land of Confusion because both songs ROCK!!!

You think this song is good... | Reviewer: TheSkaPunk | 12/7/07

If you guys think this song is good--buy the album. Trust me, there's even better than Ten Thousand Fists on .. Ten Thousand Fists..
Example: Check out the Land of Confusion music video. It kicks ass.

gay it is not | Reviewer: N/A | 12/3/07

Someone thinks this song is gay cos of one lyric the lyric has no meaning unless it's sang in a certain way unlike "your mum will remember the day when she was struck by 10,000 nobs sideways" now in your case that may be a lyric with meaning!!!

sweeeettt!!!!! | Reviewer: ten thousand fits fan | 10/15/07

i found this on u tube and i loved it the minute i heard it and i saved it on my computer so i can listen to it every day and nothing and i mean NOTHING can beat this song!!!!!

Fucking mad song love disturbed! | Reviewer: killswitch4life | 10/16/07

This song fucking rules i love disturbed some of my favorite songs of theres include ten thousand fists, Im alive, Sons of plunder, overburdened, Pain redefined and the game. fucking awesome band keep on rocking guys!

sick song | Reviewer: metalheadkyle | 9/26/07

children of bodom is fucking sickk and soo is disturbed there both good bands this song kicks asssss

OH-WA-A-A-A! | Reviewer: Mel | 9/23/07

so there is NO DOUBT this is their finest song. i mean CMON. when i listen to it, i shiver, then rock out. dont even answer my cell phone cause its my ringtone. So disturbed, greatest band of all time? i would say so. Rrwoooaaaw!

To evilweasel121 | Reviewer: DISTURBED ROCKS!!!! | 9/11/07

And another thing i bet atreyu has never seen Ten thousand fists in the air at one of their concerts!!! I got one thing to say to you....OH-WA-A-A-A!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!

HUH!!!!! | Reviewer: DISTURBED ROCKS!!!! | 9/8/07

DUDE!!! whoever said that this song is gay is FUCKED up!!!! i mean wat the hell dude come on!! Disturbed is one of the best bands to date so fuck off!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!

PS to evilweasel121: wat the hell Atreyu has nuttin on Disturbed!!!! so dont go calling them panseys! Disturbed would rock the fuck out of Atreyu!

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/07

This is an excellent song and Disturbed is an excellent band, but I am troubled to notice much homophobia among its fanbase. The one who said that this song was "gay" was wrong, because he believed that the song was "stupid," not "homosexual." However, although Disturbed fans are definitely more accurate than that person, they are also at fault in calling him gay, because he is not homosexual, he is stupid. Rock on Disturbed!