Resistance | Reviewer: Scintilla Fly | 1/17/12

is futile.

What do you want to experience?

Sick people are good for training doctors.
I would rather be a starving artist than an anonymous alcoholic.

This song brings the mother bear out in me.

You are fucking with the wrong mother, bear.

"Come on! Get down with the sickness..."
and feed your disease because it is feeding on you.

El A

Just About Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/08

The lyrics were well-written, and the feel of a spreading plague is violently communicated in a way only Disturbed could do. The opening bass riff is primal and catchy, and sticks in your head for days. The song just rocks.

Realistic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

My mother abuses me all the time, that's why i love this song, sometimes i get so fed up with that $%^&* i hit her right in her $^^%&*( face.
this song relly portrays how i feel.

Aaron lauder Jones

love it... | Reviewer: blaze | 10/21/07

i love this song! my friend has it on his 360 and we know every word now... we listen while playing halo 3.... eat it bitches! except for the mom part it fits in with a naruto episode when him and sasuke are fighting... SASUKE SHALL DIE!!!!

Dude | Reviewer: Deidre | 8/5/07

This song is freakin awesome!! I love this song, except for the part where his mom is hitting him. The lyrics are kinda funny, but don't really have a place in the song....I still love it though!

also in... | Reviewer: mitch | 11/21/06

and it was also played in Dawn of The Dead...classical version

kool | Reviewer: ss | 10/15/05

i like this song cuz it was on the queen of the damned cd