Indescribable | Reviewer: Dan | 5/31/10

This is their most powerful song by far, The lyrics are so strong, the guitar drums and bass, just flow. I can relate to this song from beggining to end, and im more than sure ALOT of others can too. This is their most underated song. Disturbed 4 Life

Awesome | Reviewer: Mary | 4/7/10

I have to be honest I was actually looking for the song monster by skillet came across this song by accident but OMG did I fall in love with it. I find myself listening to this song more then skillets. I like them both but this one is just awesome.

Ten our of five stars. =] | Reviewer: Victoria | 12/21/09

This song is just one of those that draws you in the first time you hear it. Disturbed is my favorite band, don't get me wrong, but some of their songs have to be listened to a few times before you get the hang of it. This song, however, was stuck on me the moment I heard it. Shame I hadn't heard it sooner, it's amazing, and I find myself relating to it.

Monster | Reviewer: Bandakar | 1/18/08

Awsome song, with a brilliant guitar part that goes perfectly with the harmonic tune of the chorus, with the backing vocals giving it a unique sound that no other disturbed song shows. Defintly one of the best songs on the album "Ten Thousand Fists", with what i would say has the second best guitar solo out of all the songs in the album, after the solo on stricken.

To Mike's Comment: | Reviewer: Sean | 11/24/07

to mike's comment:
it is on Ten Thousand Fists
this and 'Two Worlds' are a bonus track on all of the TTF sold in 2006/2007 (after the cd came out originally) they're on like, 2nd edition versions of the CD
so i've heard

Monster | Reviewer: Eric | 6/5/07

Man I love their songs their lyrics always flow so well. They have like nine or ten unreleased songs that I know of now so hopefully they will release a new CD pretty soon.

Incredible | Reviewer: Mike | 5/18/06

Man, I don't get why this didn't get included in the newest album, cuz it rocks, has a solo an everything. Man, a great song, I love the lyrics, as you might've guessed, the music is original which surpirsed me cuz sometimes songs that are cut are cut because they sound too similar. At any rate, if you can find a download of this song anywhere GET IT, it is great. If not, you can go to and see it, just search for 'disturbed monster' and you'll get it, usually top one. Rock on Disturbed!