Jewish | Reviewer: Jason | 11/13/11

@Vert. Your right about everything but the xtian idol stuff. David Draiman is 100% Jewish and orthodox at that. Any implications of xtianity not only offend the song, but take away from the true meaning of it. When the real Messiahs (theres more than one, read your Torah) there will be true peace, but we can push for peace until then.

Don't limit your mind to xtianity; liberate your mind to the true G-D of Israel, the true King of Kings, the true Creator.

Biblical Reference | Reviewer: VerteX | 5/6/10

For those who don't know, or didn't care enough to look it up, the quote near the end of the song is from the book of Isaiah, chapter 2. Although they shortened it to flow better, the verses reference the "end of days" when God/Christ comes back to earth to rule as king. Goes along with the gist of the song about not wanting to just wait for some divine intervention to rid the world of evil and warfare.

Very good song | Reviewer: Joel | 3/19/09

This is a great song from a decent album... no where near as good as the sickness album however... This is one of my favorite Disturbed songs behind Stupify, Down With the Sickness, Violence Fetish, Fear, The Game, I'm Alive, Gaurded, Stricken, they are all so good it is tough to say haha

Damn, lots of emotion. | Reviewer: Jake Wooley | 9/28/08

Disturbed's in my opinion greatest song. All of the words flow together perfectly, and the meaning of the song is great. I definately bought this song at least 6 times, but it was mostly accident. I don't care because the song is sooooo damn great.

awesome | Reviewer: john.julius | 12/17/07

i love it! one of the best songs of Disturbed ;D
and by the way...they have a lot of great songs.. listen to Mistress, Prayer, Stricken, Deify, Down With The Sickness

Cool | Reviewer: Dyarkulus | 7/25/07

One of their best's!!
Listen to this one thought

disturbed- down with the sickness, it rulles too!

LOVE | Reviewer: naley15 | 6/30/07

love this song!! bold motherfucker don't you liberate your mind ... THIS TIME! haha i love ittt!! mann!

lol... | Reviewer: Donald Howe | 5/15/07

My parents almost didn't let me buy this album after they saw the lyrics to this song lol... still luv it tho

fuckin a | Reviewer: brittany myers | 5/11/07

this song is awesome!i love it.peoples you need to listen to this more often.the other guy that commented is a retard, and i am still bored.


Kick ass song. Kick ass lyrics | Reviewer: Tom heagney | 8/7/06

Disturbed are one of the greatest bands ever. And this is one of their greatest songs by far. Its way up there with the songs below: