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Performed by Disturbed

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Don't believe.......... | Reviewer: Aj | 7/1/07

fucking hell the first go I was waiting for the bad ass guitars to fuck the scene.

But this song is simply awesome. Fits my situation.

Love ya disturbed


Whiplash | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/07

Much like "The Game", this is another Disturbed song that hurts my neck.

Help | Reviewer: Sean | 6/6/07

I have the album Ten Thousand Fists but this song is not on it:(

its my favourite song too

------ About the song Hell performed by Disturbed | Reviewer: Mark Friend is the best | 5/11/07

This song totally Rocks my skull off! This song is more than just 'kick ass'

hell!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: juan | 5/2/07

2 words, "kick ass" nothing more nothing less, incidentally, this reminds me of god of war 2,but yeah,

totally awsome | Reviewer: Alexander | 4/24/07

I just got the "stricken" single... OMFG, this song should have been on "Ten Thousand Fists" it is that DAMN GOOD.

Tight | Reviewer: Matt | 3/1/07

Disturbed is the greatest band of all time, and by far this is their best song.

one big fan | Reviewer: Asi | 3/1/07

it is really hard to pick one best song of Disturbed and ever harder one best album, who ever like this awsome song of them got to try (if he\she haven't yet) the songs: prayer,a welcome burden, monster and a lot more

:D | Reviewer: Aksel | 1/29/07

man i love this song, i've been lisening to it for over a year :D now the text by heart but this helps :P ;) tnx :D

Disturbed Kicks ASS | Reviewer: Sam | 12/3/06

It is so hard to have a favorite Disturbed song, since they are all bad ass. But this is one fucking awesome!

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