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Performed by Disturbed

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EVERYONE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/13

Its about the persona, the mask? He stands outside the game now, he went into the abyss (the shadow) & saw the truth. That makes him a monster, the devil to hiders but rejecting him means they only reject themselves. He's saying embrace it already, Become

good memories find themselves depressed | Reviewer: Tyler | 1/16/13

i find this song useful, when down, but yet when it comes to being depressed and down for so long the mind still finds a way to deal with it.Being sad isnt so bad, its just an emotion that enters your head. It like a disease that won't go away,but i can be like having a cold and when treated it will away. Songs like forsaken help,or music thats slow a peaceful, yet meanful. It grabs u from falling in a dark abyss.

the scandal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/11

''one cool song can makin a fuckin difference for all of us.u feel me dog.u know what am sayin my negga.everytime i listen to this dope beat i get so horny that i fuck my bitch/wife analy,oraly......sorry bout that i was jerkin off big time.u want some cum.this is off the record right.hey man come back here with that tape.SECUIRITY.GET THAT GUY.SHOOT HIM IN THE FUCKIN HEAD.OH!GIVE ME THE GUN.BANG BANG BANG.hey bitch do it faster.yeah baby.YEAH YEAH YEAH.''

tears from my inside | Reviewer: Roma | 6/4/10

That song really makes me cry everytime i hear it.
I don't know why. If i hear Darkness, i want to enter the dark room, close all the windows and doors and cry... think about life, simply to be alone.

Awsome song | Reviewer: Mr Golez | 4/18/07

One of my fav disturbed songz, awsome to listen to when your down, depressed and feel like shit :)

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