Meaning | Reviewer: raza aza doo | 6/21/12

Different opinions on this song
This song is catchy and Disturbed is awesome
I think Karl is right in saying
"It is a blow to the record companies who said they weren't good enough and said they'd never make it"
I reckon that is the case because the lyrics says it itself. Well done Disturbed, you've earned my respect

disturbed is badass | Reviewer: metalover145 | 1/9/11

I think this song is about how disturbed hates all this corporate bullshit and feels that the system is puttin them down like "another goddamn slap in the face"
But then when they say "droppin plates on yo ass" they're telling them to go to hell

PS the people who dont like this song are "too fucked in the head" >:D

dropping records | Reviewer: Thatguuy | 11/17/10

"Dropping Plates" is a phrase used by the recording industry. It simply means making records or "dropping a plate on the turntable." This is absolutely a personal, "Go fuck yourself," to the record industry. There's no Israli struggle here.

Finally!!!! | Reviewer: Hakudoushinumbernine | 5/8/10

Finally some one put the last par of the damn song on. I don't know why they didn't put the last bit for the song in the Lyrics book. I write fanfictions and i don't like typing out the lyrics and i had to type the minute of the song over and over again... i hated it. I don't normally do Lyric submitting so but if i say one more Droppin' Plates with out the last to paragraphs. i would Have to do it my self

He's right | Reviewer: Warhead | 3/13/10

DUDE, that dude KARL or KARLI, whatever, is RIGHT. Don't just assume bull crap about something, FIND OUT! What he said is true, listen to the lyrics! " You said it couldn't be done, told me it's the kind of battle that just couldn't be won, you know, your to sick, to hard, to fucked in the head, you'll never make it, no, not in this lifetime!" GET IT YET!?

Song's Meaning | Reviewer: Karl | 3/3/10

Dude, if anyone ever read any documentaries of disturbed, they talk about this song and its meaning. It is a blow to the record companies who said they weren't good enough and said they'd never make it.

BITCH ASS NIGGER | Reviewer: Warhead | 1/18/10

Actually, after hours and hours of drinking Red Bull and determining the precision of my calculations, the meaning of this song is............................ ABOUT HOW I DROPPED MOTHER FUCKING PLATES ON YOUR ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/09

You guys seem to think there's some profound meaning to this song.. there isn't, They mean "droppin' Plates" by that's what rock sounds like and don't tell me i'm wrong because I saw a video about them and they explained this.

Plates = Records | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

I agree with Travis and Ghost. I'm pretty confident it is a slap in the face to all the record labels who turned them down. He's getting back by making lots of successful records (dropping plates). "To sick" etc just refer to all the comments the record labels said, like Decca said to the beatles: "We don’t like their sound, and ‘guitar music’ is on the way out"

good song | Reviewer: cindy | 1/19/09

Good song, but I think the others have the meaning wrong. I'm pretty sure droppin' plates is a jewish reference and this song is about the struggle of Israel being recognized by Palestine. "Don't want to give us a place, You're too hard and from the other side." Kind of gives it away.

Plates | Reviewer: clarko | 12/14/08

I know this isn't what it means, but since this song pumps me up so much to lift, I like to think of it as weight plates. My gym has 2 stories and the hardcore area is up top. When we finish our sets we sometimes drop the weight and the people downstairs sometimes get mad. Droppin plates on yo ass bitch!

Droppin plates on your ass bitch | Reviewer: Guy | 9/4/08

well here i come im droppin plates on your ass bitch, thats good shit right there. This song kicks ass, and drops plates on ass. if Disturbed isnt on the top yet, they are definitely headin in that direction.

Why plates? | Reviewer: Travis | 7/29/08

This is in response to Homit Laskovienko.

I dont know exactly why plates but I always picture some guy standing at a higher point (maybe on a ladder) and dropping ceramic plates on some other guys' head.

If I had to guess what he means by plates I'd say they are his songs. He figuratively climbed the music ladder (popularity) and he's now dropping plates (songs) and that those plates (songs) can render a person unconscious.

Or he just thought it sounded good haha

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Ghost | 7/28/08

The guy asking about what they mean by plates; they mean records. This song is about how when Disturbed first started out, they went around to record companies looking for someone to sign them, but everyone refused: "You're too sick, too hard, too fucked in the head; You'll never make it, no, not in this lifetime." Then they finally got signed by someone and became a massive success. The song is pretty much saying "fuck you, we fucking incredible and you are a piece of shit" to the record companies that refused them.

Great Song | Reviewer: Homit Laskovienko | 7/17/08

It is different from other Disturbed stuff, but one of my favourites. Sounds like a punch in the face of some other musician (the way rappers do it) to me. Still I dont get one thing - what do they mean by plates?