yes! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/07

strange song. much different than anything else Disturbed has made. But I love it; whenever I'm pissed off, I scream along with the lyrics and it helps =]

awsome | Reviewer: drew | 10/21/07

best song ever it gets me pumped listening to it but theres onle flaw in these lyrics when it says Recognition they hav forgotten the ing at the end but still kick ass

Ruthless | Reviewer: | 6/9/07

Wow this song is ruthless. If you ever need to get pumped up for something, give this song a whirl.

Kickass song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/06

this song is a kickass song and so far i've heard it 85 times a day (iTunes play count) and it never gets annoying,boring, and it never gets old

Disturbing song yet a success | Reviewer: Sean Zipperer | 5/12/06

Completely different from most other disturbed songs, yet I love it can't stop singing in my head the beginning "You said it couldnt be done told me that its the kind of battle that just couldnt be won you know your to sick to hard to f***ed in the head" and the "Here we go again hey yeah yeah well never mind cause your not #1 oh yeah yeah" Love it. As different as it is it still is cool