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Performed by Disturbed

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Scott Anthony and self-awareness | Reviewer: jhcates | 4/13/11

"(it) is clearly a bash at BUSH . . . it took something away from the song for me. Unnecessary . . . Same would apply if for song that was a dig at OBAMA"
How perfectly and obliviously ironic your review is. You are clearly in thrall to the office of the Presidency, and are doing precisely what the song writer is admonishing against: deifying The President. The song is essentially a metal version of The Emperor's New Clothes. Your use of the ubiquitous, lazy term "bash" to describe criticism also gives the game away. You, apparently, think that Presidents occupy some lofty, god-like stratum, above the "bashing" of mere mortals?

According to my itunes... | Reviewer: scottanthony | 1/14/11

the song is dated from 2005. The intro and words... tt is clearly a bash at BUSH. I do still love the song and the band but that part of it took something away from the song for me. Unnecessary. It makes me a glad that I did not purchase the song and it kind of changed how I felt about them as a group (not in a good way). Same would apply if for song that was a dig at OBAMA but I do not think that would ever happen.

Hmmmm? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/10

I'm not completely sure who Dave Draiman is directing the song towards; whether it is God, Jesus or Bush...
What I do know is that the song is perfect for our current president. Perfect for a president whom does not believe in the ideals that this country was established on, even so to the point that he will not where an American flag lapel pin nor will he place his right hand over his heart during the national anthem.
During the election they quite often refereed to Obama as the "New Messiah".
This is just my opinion of course.

deify | Reviewer: Sarah-Jane | 10/7/10

TBH i think and this is just me but i think he's songs come across as being interpreted into everyones lives and this to be fits perfectly for a situation im going through as it probably has for countless amounts of people .. hes write cryptic to himself and then we take what we get from the songs

He could be talking about any form of god like presence any religion any government .. even mum and dad..

Anyone stop to think? | Reviewer: Frank | 7/17/10

Anyone stop to think this song could be about Jesus Christ!?

"devotion betrayed"
"blinded to see"
"I've let my innocence die"

"I only wanted a blessing made
Now I've been labeled a renegade"
"I won't let them deify you"

I know Dave Draiman had a strict upbringing when it comes to religion. He is Jewish, and this song seems to me more of a lashing out. "I've let my innocence die". He has written songs about questioning God, or yelling at God (taking on God) in Disturbed's song "Prayer".

Just because they play a sound bite of George Bush giving a speech doesn't mean the song is ENTIRELY about him. They're not going to quote one of Jesus' sermons at the beginning.

Also Dave Draiman has admitted to making his lyrics ver "cryptic".

I'm not saying this song IS about Jesus. I'm just offering a different perspective, and I HOPE I'M WRONG!

Alright, Things Need To Be Settled... | Reviewer: Stan | 6/11/10

To everyone here: Good views. Your opinions are what truly matter, and no one can take them away from you.

Now, I completely understand and even agree with you that the United States goverment isn't perfect, hell, you can even go as far as to say that it sucks right now... but hasn't it been like that for centuries?

For years, our Presidents have been elected by the people, and that's alright, at lease we have some choice as to who leads us. But, centuries before the present day, leaders weren't 'elected'. They were chosen out of a group of people and became Godly figures or 'Deities'. So, did they have a fair form of government? No.

Now, about the 9/11 attacks: I do NOT believe that it was OUR own government that bombed the WTC. I DO believe however, that our government knew about the attacks and could've prevented them, but choose not to do so, so they could have a reason to declare war.

Of course, these are only my opinions...

Bingo! | Reviewer: Blortad | 5/29/10

Directed towards Bubba, bingo. Capitalism has singlehandedly decimated all that is human. Everything at this point has been reduced to greed and nothing more. Your also right when you say nothing is going to change. Greed has far too great a hold on the people for anything to happen. Though if someone can manage to make something happen than kudos to them, but it will all be an eventual waste. Greed is too much a fundamental part of human nature to be able to disappear and as long as it exists than nothing will ever be fixed. I think the sooner we realize that everything in this world runs on greed the sooner we can begin to take advantage of it in order to stay as far away from it as we can, that or become a part of it and live happily robbing others of their very souls for a quick buck. Either way, the only thing you can really do about it is take advantage of it in one way or another. Getting to the point of this, which is a review, I do quite like the song. I used to hate disturbed until I realized that the reason I hated them was at this point quite hypocritical so at that point I reassessed my opinion, which is a skill that everyone needs but very few have. Anyways, back to the point, this is a great song, though I prefer a great deal of their others to this one. Disturbed is all around a great band. One last thing, if anyone wants to respond to this than send me an email, I openly welcome others opinions and enjoy a good opinion based argument. Just be prepared to end up getting angry, that tends to happen with most of the people I argue opinions with, even my close friends. Either way, go right ahead and email me, I revel in the chance to voice my opinion to other people whom I will likely never meet. :P

Just in case the section where it says "Your Email" doesn't display my email for whatever reason, my email is

please comment back | Reviewer: ZOMBIE619 | 5/4/10

this songs gets me pumped love the lyrics love the meaning on that note......
theres no stoping the goverment there is need for change but it wont come in the for of an insurection the way i think it all eventuly has to change one thing i learned in grade school was history repeats itself were the same humans we were 200 years ago 500 1000 we havnt realy changed other then now its easier to kill ourselves. i live in san diego yes this is a military town but the rest is soccer moms and buisness men who wouldnt be able to defend themselfs at all if shit went to hell.. the rest of course are the poor in appartments getting shafted by there very goverment who would be more likely to form a lynch mob that would killed off pretty fast if shit went to hell because they would most likely be led by the loudest of the bunch not the smartest.....wouldnt take much for it to all go to hell shit whos to say it wont only reason 911 was so shocking to us was that it was the first major attack on us soil for over 50 years not saying it wasnt us that did the attacking to our selfs but they will never admit it no uses still arguing bout it it happened none the less anyways point being that the people were OMG!! so shocking what if a country stared to bomb us or somthing of the sort invaded us nuked us the pacified people will run around like chickens with there heads cut off we may have a strong military but that dosnt mean much china has numbers and good tech why wouldnt they invade because were freinds.... ya real likely this is just teritory what already has an infrastructure why not invade people invade part of history...........pretty much i do see the goverment being overthrown very soon but i dont think it will be the people i think if your smart and you understand history that the pattern repeats and you should be ready for anything...........the goverment is!! google the Fema coffins

someone gets it....fuck | Reviewer: Austiniodore | 4/11/10

thank you Bubba no one ever fucking understands how fucked up the government is they always wanna be in a gang(democrats or republicans) and when a D wins they say it would be better if the R won and we would be better off no we fucking wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!! all the politicians want everyone to like America fuck them what do they give us the only thing that any of the world has given us is when France helped us in the revolution.....while I'm on the subject if the founding fathers were still alive they would kick all the politicians asses!!!!

B | Reviewer: Brendan | 3/15/10

interesting that a political supposition should start this song... but as far as i can tell it has no bearing on the song so it is for all intents and purposes irrelevant... unless of course you have a severe stiffy for Bush in which case make sure u take an extra lot of tissues to the bathroom

as for the song itself the lyrics are good, very provocative in that they can be related to... mainly by those who never fit in i think... not too sure but they are put together very well and the music just ties them together perfectly

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