my no. one forever and ever,amen! | Reviewer: georgia kovack | 10/30/13

Best song ,what a guitar fascination ,takes me away, i forget everything, i fly far away,i don't have a better song,by far unique ,what a voice,i am crazy about it,that's it! Thank you Dire Straits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A challenge but accomplishment | Reviewer: Bert | 7/18/12

One of those songs i just had to learn because of all the lead accents . Once I got it,I realised i need more songs like this to better my playing skills on the guitar . Very impressive song to play and sing at open stage if the bassist knows all the changes,I liked it years ago when it first came out , and better now that I've learned all the turn arounds

Sultans of Swing - The Cool Song | Reviewer: GClefBoogie@MossBeach | 4/30/11

My grand children ages 2 and 4 call this the 'Cool' song. It's their top pick going to day care. I've played it 5x a week for over a year. None of us tire of it's masterful lyrics, guitar playing and the overall picture it paints in our minds. One of the best tunes ever written!

... | Reviewer: yodafly | 3/3/11

The guitar had a cigarette. What a beautiful conception of a phrase. I too adore this piece with all my heart. For a different but still fantastic take on the song take a look at an arrangement by Doc Sound on youtube.

MK the KING of Fender Strat | Reviewer: Ron | 1/28/11

I'm 62 and play guitar as a hobby. I have seen them & heard them all (Hendrix, Clapton etc.). Mostly they all sounded the same and did the same thing with some variations. To me the lead guitarist competition is between MK and Hank Marvin. On balance the CROWN goes to Mark Knopfler simply for the Unique technique and the chords he uses to generate the sounds (its honey to the ears and you want more); SIMPLY TIMELESS

A Great Guitarist and Song! | Reviewer: BluesGal1 | 1/27/11

'Sultans of Swing' by Dire Straits is the song I'd pick if I had to choose one, while being stuck on a desert island with a cd player forever.
Everything is perfect about it. The beat, the lyrics and Mark's solo. The precison-ness of the notes, and his touch on those strings, it was as if an angel was playing such sounds! awc ~

Slow Discovery | Reviewer: mhkpilot | 1/23/11

At first I heard the guitar, and I liked it. I then heard the lyrics, and I liked it more. 20 years later I LISTENED to the guitar, and I loved it. Then I LISTENED to the lyrics and loved it more.

At age 70 I don't tire of it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

I was young when this song came out. An ocean swimmer and chaser of girls. "Sultans" has no carnal tug, but a loving tribute by the new for the old. Now that I'm old, this song has become a part of me.

Positive Comment on the Site | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

I searched several sites with these lyrics, sites that had a skin with a box I had to check to get to the lyrics. I don't dare click on their boxes for fear of infection. I was glad to find this site, with no demand to click their link. I am more trustful of this less demanding protocol, and I think it is safer to trust. I am bookmarking the site and will be back many times no doubt. Thanks.

a awesome theme for sure | Reviewer: Miguel | 2/9/10

Me and my bad use to play this absolutely brilliant song, I play lead guitar and I tell you a kinda perfect solo Mark developed here, so robust and expressive, I try to play it with no pick like MK and its really hard. I love this master piece.

too good to be true | Reviewer: MindaugasLT | 1/23/08

Hey! this song is not without reason in "100 Greatest Guitar Solos"! I'm sorry for my phraze, but the Sultans of Swing is fu**in' awesome. As Karolis said you can listen to this song on and on one day, and the next day, and the next month.

Too Good... | Reviewer: Priyanka | 4/17/07

I simply love the guitar pieces in this...!! one of the songs played by us during our annual office day... :) all I can say..!!

the best guitar solo ever! | Reviewer: KarolisLT | 4/13/07

in my opinion, one of the best bands ever and THE best guitar magician (its not right to call Mark Knopfler just a guitarist..) EVER! you can listen to this song on and on and on... and after that out of this world solo by MK, the guitar probably had a cigarette :)