shala shalay hey hey skateaway | Reviewer: Villeneuve | 6/23/2007

the way he fits his lyrics together is genius.

u have to give them a chuckle of acknowledgement
emotionally moving song as knopffler tells the story

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"Skateaway" is a classic Knopfler song... | Reviewer: Mark Koenig | 4/15/2007

I agree with the previous reviewer, Matt - I graduated high school when this album came out (1980's Making Movies). I was immediately transfixed by Knopfler's playful lyric and killer guitar playing/arrangement on this track the first time I heard it. It kicks ass still now in 2007 - 27 years later - God, has it been that long? I am getting old :-)

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Skate on Tells it all | Reviewer: matt | 8/15/2005

Could not shake this tune from my head even after 10 years. Now that southern slide grabs your attention. Nothing like it since.

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