Old memories | Reviewer: bob | 2/21/09

"Juliet, when we made love you used to cry."

Oh, god, do you remember the first time you made love, and it was so beautiful you wanted to cry? And maybe you did.

I had totally forgotten that moment until I heard that line.

What a line. What a song.

trivia on this song | Reviewer: nkc | 2/12/09

FYI - the lyric "There's a place for us, you know the movie song" is a reference to a song title / lyric from West Side Story, which of course, is a re-imagining of the Romeo and Juliet story. Very genius reference by Knopfler. I also like the last lyric which implies that Romeo may have several 'Juliet's - maybe he isn't the hero the song makes him seem to be....

READ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/08

seriously, the jonny walker version on asheville sessions '07, is the best song ive ever heard in my life, if anybody is reading this, go on myspace.com/johnnywalkermusic and buy the cd from him, BEST FIVE POUNDS i ever spent the man is incredible

English teacher who taught R&J to my students | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

We read every word of the play together, watched the Zeffirelli, 1968 movie, and then the one with Leonardo and Claire Danes. Wish I'd known of this song, because it it ties the story all together, the drama, the movies, the music, the present. Best story I had the privilege to teach.

I love this song! | Reviewer: MArion | 1/22/08

This song is awesome, it conveys so much emotion and it's so touching, I love it. It is deffinetly better than the killer's version - Brandon's voice ruins what this orignal version has like at the end when he goes " you and me babe, hwo about it?" . It's adorable. ♥

Amazing | Reviewer: Andrea92 | 1/12/08

Maybe the best, under all the points of view, song I have ever heard, of course one of the best 5...
A little drop of love, magic and emotion in the everyday world.

The Killers verison ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

This is one of the top five best songs I have ever heard -- The Killers version is even better than the original. Brandon Flowers's voice fits perfectly with the lyrics and instrumentals

Romeo and Juliet | Reviewer: jean | 10/18/07

this song remeber me a very nice time wich i've passed with my juliette. My feeling to it is the same to her. This song can't be died for ever.

Mohsin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

This is the best song i have ever heard,the way the song is been is sung is heart touching, I thank the singer and may God bless him

romeo and juliet | Reviewer: melanie connor | 9/13/07

this song is amazing and it is incredible that it can hold such signifigance to so many different people. it applies to people both in and out of love, and can make you laugh and cry.

love this song! | Reviewer: sine-jade | 8/2/07

this song is the most beautiful i have ever heard, it makes me both smile and cry and it describes exactly how i feel about my ex, S. i just really miss him but he doesnt feel the same way about me anymore :(

This was our love song (my ex's and mine) | Reviewer: Izzy | 7/30/07

And I tell you this much--this song packs as much of an emotional punch now as it did back in 1990. It brings all of the emotions to the forefront.

Dire straits | Reviewer: Wouter | 7/9/07

I simply love all of their songs, especially this one and brothers in arms,, they almost make me cry... I know how Romeo feels :)

i love it | Reviewer: Bruno Wallace | 7/6/07

this song make me happy in my special place more so that other songs of love after romance explosion wth my girlfriend, i pop in the 8 track and make happy with her!

ILY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

THIS COVER IS AMAZING I love it! I love brandon"s voice Hes increible, I almost cry, smile everytime I listen this song!