How you see the world when you are young and a rock star!! | Reviewer: Wayne | 1/15/11

Well I have always liked the song. In fact Sting sings the chorus with him. I think he is in fact making reference to the fagot in a positive way.
He is saying while in our minds that guy may be a fagot while "we" judge then he gets things for free and he is a millionaire

"Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb". See.. He is comparing the way people go around and judge and say they get it for free but they are not dumb wither. He is referring to the judgment of the world and saying maybe I should have been this/that.. maybe that would have made you happy
but while you judge me I am not dumb. In fact quite the opposite.

Gays? What about girls? | Reviewer: Emilie | 1/13/11

Just my two cents :

I think it's kind of funny about gay people getting upset at these lyrics. I mean, what about "Chicks for free"? Doesn't that make women seem like tramps? I'm a girl and I don't feel targeted by the sentence, I understand it's a song and just a way to get the story across.

I used to love that clip when I was about 3 years old only. I can still remember the bad 3D! And the guitar riff is sooo good.

further thoughts on the word faggot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/10

personally, i believe in knopfler's right to use the word. the song doesn't suffer, and i find that it makes a valid point. however, it strikes me that its meaning seems to have eroded, at least to some reviewers here. it is a derogatory word for a gay man, and there is a whole long and interesting story that explains why it no longer refers to a bundle of sticks. that does not change its nature in modern usage. using it conveys prejudice, even if it is not the artist himself who is prejudiced.

Sidenote | Reviewer: Brianna | 8/23/10

So, the word Faggot is taking out in later versions of this song. ALSO its about a guy CALLING someone that. Honestly, its more offensive to me in Jewels song. In this, its about how people were like WTF when MTV Came out in the eighties. So don't worry so much about it. Honestly, do you really think STING would be all like HOMG later. ALSO in Later versions he changed it to MAGGOT, MOTHER and MOTHER TRUCKER, Or MOTHERFUCKER. any assortment of insults. It was just meant to insult whoever they were talking about :)

errr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

I really like the tune of this song, especially the solo heavy guitar intro. BUT, I can't help feeling that the lyrics bring the song down to a point where I can't listen to the song anymore. We got to INstall microwave ovens, custom kitchen deliverieayeyayeays

@Anonymous | Reviewer: MightyPossumKing | 5/30/10

Not to be overly combative, but saying "faggot" is derisive in this song is a stupid statement. It's written from an outside perspective, ans the line could ideally be read as a response, as in "That little 'faggot?' He's got his own jet and he's a millionaire. Clearly he knows something you don't."

Just sayin'.

A Side Note... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

It should be noted that the terms used in this song derive from what Knopfler heard. He wrote this song from the perspective of a man working in a hardware store that he heard say these things while he was in the store in "real" life, and felt it would be "more real" to grab a paper and write what he heard said at the time.

The word 'Faggot' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/09

I don't think it ruins the song..You've got to understand that 'faggot' doesn't ALWAYS mean 'gay or homosexual'. A 'faggot' can just be an A-hole. If your friend is hogging all the nachos, you can say "Hey man stop being a faggot." It doesn't mean he's gay... he's just a faggot. It's elementary!

bah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/09

Great song ruined by the word 'faggot'. C'mon, that's just not cool. It's not cool today, it wasn't cool in the eighties (and it's somewhat ironic an 80's music group are dissing 'faggots', given 80s fashion)

it mtv for nothing | Reviewer: William "Heavy Fuel" Vogt II | 2/18/05

The version being over 8 minutes is a grate version of this song, however the 4 minute version is even better!!! This is one of DS's most popular songs, and is one of my favorites, i like this one as much as Heavy Fuel.
Mark's heavy metal guitar is really cool, and the vocals rule, and drums rule!! 100% of excellent music for 8 minutes!! How did this song come out
when MTV came out~~~, it did!! "I WANT MY I WANT MY I WANT MY MTV", by sting is really cool!!! The song starts out slow, then gets better by a minute and stays that way for the rest of this song. Here are my top 11
favorite songs by Dire Straits.

1. Heavy Fuel
2. Money for Nothing
3. Tunnel of Love
4. Sultans of Swing
5. The Bug
6. Calling Elvis
7. On Every Street
8. So Far Away
9. When It Comes to You
10. Lady Writer
11. Twisting by the Pool