Knopfler is amazing | Reviewer: Rick | 10/4/13

The lyrics of this song force knopfler to do something he does not often do, and that is to really demonstrate his ability as a guitarist. The narrator was actually some idiot Knopfler overheard in a retail store. He was apalled by the bigotry and idiocy he was spouting to coworkers who had MTV playing on several TVs. When the narrator is spouting this garbage in the song, Knopfler must play well enough to demonstrate that playing a guitar well is not at all easy; creating and arranging music requires a great deal of hard work, years of practice, and no small amount of talent. The narrator, however, like most of us, only see the finished product, but not the practice and devotion that were required to producebthe art.

I once told a musician that I thought Knopfler was underrated as a guitarist and he responded that those who play his music quickly realize just how good he really is. He produces complex musical arrangements, but plays so well one does not notice how talented he really is.

As for the insulting language in the song, it is a vital element of the art and Knopfler refutes the idiotic opinion of this gerbil by grinding a bit more on the guitar than he normally would, thereby proving the stupidity and bigotry of the man. Changing the lyrics, or editing the song is not only insulting to Knopfler, it damages the impact of the work.

I do not enjoy hearing racist, vulgar, or bigotted language, but artists must have the right to show us the failings of society and comment upon what they perceive and expose us to the ugliness of our biases, ignorances, and narrow minded thoughts. We may not appreciate the art, or the technique, but that is not a failing of the art, but of the observer. Picasso's Guernica, for example, which depicts the bombing of a town during the Spanish Civil War and which I cannot consider beautiful, comes very close to showing us the horror of the war and its costs. I would not hang it on my wall, but I have to appreciate how he developed a new technique which clearly shows his reaction to the event and reveals his intentions when you know the motivation behind its creation.

offended, how about censorship | Reviewer: Jim | 3/18/13

This song came out in my era and when we said faggot we didn't necessarily mean homoseaxual. It was more of a way of saying jerk or a**hole. What really disapoints me is when I hear this song on the radio now that whole part is missing. I realize its not government censoring the free speech but you either believe in free speech or you don't. You can't believe in it as long as no one is offended because that defeats the whole purpose of free speech.

faggots chips & peas/english meal...yummy | Reviewer: ray not gay | 11/6/12

this is a fantastic song so chill out and enjoy the fantastic guitar play.
most songs have undertones of different races,sex.creeds most take no notice but as they say you can't win 'em all

Disappointing reviews. | Reviewer: Lyko | 2/17/12

You guys are digging too deep into this. First, it's not Knopfler's opinion, just a quotation from a REAL guy working in a store, and the song sung by a fictional guy working in a store and lamenting, jelaous of "those assholes that get money without doing any real work". Ironic that nobody pointed out that KNOPFLER is a musician who earns MONEY FOR NOTHING much (playing guitar on MTV).


faggot (plural faggots)

(rare, dated in US) A burning or smouldering piece of firewood.
(chiefly UK) A bundle of sticks tied together.  [quotations ▼]
1853, Sir Francis Bond Head, A faggot of French sticks: or, Paris in 1851, page 2:
In the depth of, winter, however, a faggot of real French Sticks — although of little intrinsic value — may possibly enliven for a few moments an English Fireside.
(obsolete) Burdensome baggage.
(obsolete, pejorative) An old woman.
(Ireland, colloquial, pejorative, obsolete) A woman.  [quotations ▼]
1796, Theobald Wolfe Tone, Autobiography:
she wants me to go to bed to her, and I won't, ... for she is as crooked as a ram's horn ... and as ugly as sin besides ; rot her, the dirty little faggot, she torments me.
1834, William Carleton, The Midnight Mass:
The woman, in accordance with the custom of the country, raised the Irish cry, in a loud melancholy wail ...
Darby, who prided himself on maintaining silence, could not preserve the consistency of his character upon this occasion ... "Your sowl to the divil, you faggot!" he exclaimed, "what do you mane? The divil whip the tongue out o' you! ..."
1973, Hugh Leonard, Da:
MOTHER: To see who?
DA: You faggot, you; don't let on you don't know.
(derogatory, vulgar, colloquial, US, Canada, Australian) A male homosexual.  [quotations ▼]
2004, Dennis Cooper, The Sluts, page 228
We're a hot looking crew that's your average faggot's wet dream, so we pull some pretty max tricks.
------> (pejorative, vulgar, US, colloquial) An annoying or inconsiderate person.
(UK, Australian, Ireland) (obsolete in North America) The cast off end of a smoked cigarette.
(chiefly UK) A meatball made from pork. "

So, let's put it into perspective.

If 'faggot' here means gay, then the fictional worker INSULTS KNOPFLER (and all other musicians) that he's gay. In a song written and sung by the guy, no less.

And if he means 'jerk', it's again just relaying the words and thoughts of a man who is jelaous of HIM. In other words, a song about someone considering performing music is an easy way to get rich and famous. And he hates him for it, because he's not rich, or famous, and he's putting in loads more effort.

Above all, it's just a song. And I won't even get into things like "chicks for free", and rap music in which women are considered objects, but the only fuss is raised when people relay death threats and gay insults through music... Grow a pair, folks.

voice of reason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/11

The reason there are brackets there is because the radio edit didn't have that verse in it,that's why they're there,so people who haven't heard the full version would understand that. The guy who took time to write this was just being considerate,let's not waste our lives on the internet yeah

Eat a dick, guys. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/11

I am pretty sure the song is written from the perspective of someone upset about how musicians make money without doing any "real" work. So one guy from a hardware store is talking about the faggots on tv who are making a metric fuckton of money. I.e. the people.writing and performing the songs. Some of them were, infact, gay.

YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/11

Think of that verse - the little faggot with the earring in the makeup, yeah buddy, that's his own hair ... the little faggot got his own jet airplane, the little faggot is a millionaire ... meaning that someone who is derisively dismissed as only some kind of FAGGOT is doing pretty well for himself, so who has the last laugh now (to quote another REALLY OLD song) ... it is not a slur against gays, but againsts morons who go around calling people FAGGOTS or whatever slur.

I'm Gay...and I'm SSSOOO Offended...Gimme A Break People | Reviewer: Sam | 9/13/11

Are you serious? Why do people complain about this shit? I myself am gay, and have no problems with the use of the word faggot in a song. So stop acting all distraught and horrible is someone uses a word in a distasteful manner. Freedom of speech people. Fuck whoever gets offended. Take in your damn stride. It is a word, and words are meant to be used...anus.

Oh FFS Canada..get a life! | Reviewer: Flix | 9/1/11

What is it with these anal PC eejits who form censorship committees? Canada has already had the piss well and truly taken out of it once before when Kevin Bloody Wilson toured, and was informed that ''You can't say the 'C' word on stage in Canada Mr Wilson''...Result? KBW opened his gig with the hastily written but hilarious ''You can't say cunt in Canada'' QED bozo's

Who cares? | Reviewer: Travis | 6/8/11

Back then everyone had more balls than people today. No one truly cared that the word faggot was in there. It's all the little immature faggots now that complain about it because it "offends" them. Here's an idea shut up and grow up. Life's not fair you just need to learn that the real world will eat you alive if you complain about this crap.

Herrrrrrrr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

The use of the word Faggot was simply because THAT'S WHAT THE GUY SAID.

The Person "singing" was a guy in a store, who was bemoaning his life. Yeah, He says Faggot, but obviously he has a respect for the guy, seeing he says he should have learned to Play the guitar, etc.

The only reason anyone makes a big deal out of this is becasue they need something to complain about: exactly why I'm posting this, actually.

Let's ask for a refund | Reviewer: steve kerr | 2/6/11

that little faggot should refund our money ,then we wouldn't have wasted our time and money listening to Money for Nothing,we should find that little faggot and kill him for even being a part of that music.... causing all these problems.It is what it is ,its great music ,they made alot of money,everybody had a good time .

What about the N word | Reviewer: tamaya | 1/30/11

Are they going to ban all the songs with the N word in them? What about all the ones that are slightly sexist? Heck lets just ban music in case we offened someone, Then we can books next. How about we just ban talking.

So what if they use the word Faggot? | Reviewer: Mike - Sweden | 1/18/11

So what if they use the word Faggot? In a liberal democracy, you should be able to say what ever you want as long as it's not threat or you are inciting to violence as Mill said. Yes to freedom of speech, no to the Canadian censorship.

>>> | Reviewer: none | 1/15/11

I don't think it ruins the song..You've got to understand that 'faggot' doesn't ALWAYS mean 'gay or homosexual'. A 'faggot' can just be an A-hole. If your friend is hogging all the nachos, you can say "Hey man stop being a faggot." It doesn't mean he's gay... he's just a faggot. It's elementary!

^^Are you in elementary SCHOOL? No, "faggot" is not a euphemism for "stupid" or "asshole" no matter what you call it. It's a bigoted slur. If someone's acting like an asshole, call them that, instead of implying that their jerkish behavior is akin to the behavior of gays.