What's the hell to What's the hell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

To anonymous on 2/8/09..The singer is Japanese, as in he is not American. People who are Japanese surprisingly have Japanese accents when they talk or sing (I know crazy right??). And I bet that if you tried to sing a song in Japanese it would not sound correct at all. ...eew

Haha Lyrics | Reviewer: Faris | 2/13/11

Learning this at school with friends for a concert and we found that either way you perform the lyrics it still sounds pretty much the same. Haha it's funny how lyrics can do that. i tip my hat to you Kyo and Kisun :]

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

''What's the hell?'' your retarded so you cant even hear the English..
also i don't think you've heard A Lot of Japanese, because a lot of them sing in English, and if you did then you'd know, that they're pronunciation is terrible.
great song btw ;D

What's the hell? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

I've just read an essay on the band in Hammer magazine,so I decided I'd check them out.Unlike all the Japanese songs I heared in my life (and trust me they're many) this song is totally random and I really can't hear the vaocalist pronounce one right English word.

I mean if the guy can't even speak English,why does he sing in English?..Make Japanese lyrics,so you can read them right,"morron"...eew.

They scare me shitless lmao!!! | Reviewer: Camille tambe | 11/14/07

this band is sick and twisted
they're lyrics scare the crap outta me!!

"one I will fuck your parents"
those words alone just killed like 50 babies lmao!
But I love Them
i even have a few of their albums!!
and if you guys
wanna hear read one of their lyrics!! try the song "the deeper Vileness" that could make evil cry!! lol

wow | Reviewer: underonehope | 9/27/07

okay.. what the heck does it me to "raninbow" someone...
and what japanese metal band would write about rainbows anyways.. lmao...

the song is in english, so either pay attention... or befriends someone that speaks japanese.. or learn it for yourself before you become a fan of a band when you dont even speak the language

ZOMG | Reviewer: Mr. K the UBER FAN | 7/6/07

Thanks for the lyrics. It's easier to read them here than on the video. This was the fourth song I ever heard by Diru. Hoping to see them in concert on their next pass over Canada.

I laughed so hard I cried on the second lyric submission. I'm copypasting that to show my friends..

OH MY SATAN!!! | Reviewer: Tia Russell | 5/17/07

I was watchin this a few days ago this video is SICK!!!! i love it and the lead singer even tho they are japanese is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT with his white eye lashes!!

OMG | Reviewer: joon | 5/9/07


OMG SO FUNNY Oh no, Tim needs an ID,
Someday, he might be taught how to get into


Hm? | Reviewer: Bhree | 4/21/07

The lyrics originally posted are correct. It's "One day I will fuck your parents" and that's it. Even if you have any qualms about typing the word "fuck", fuck has every right to be there. If Kyo wrote "One day I will rainbow your parents" I'd go beat him up myself. :D