l0ol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/11

first of all I do like the melody of this song ...it is just great...that band are satanic ...which make me feel sorry for theme ...I belive in god ...everything around us everything saus..yes god exist ...people who deny are just blind to see the truth or even sojust look around at the trees the sun moon everything this is no accident yes God exists,,,

Shut up already | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/11

Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about their religious preferences or lack thereof. Your own ignorance towards respecting one another's beliefs is showing and unfortunately reinforces the stereotypes of both. Get back to the damn point, which is your opinion of the song.

Hmm | Reviewer: mr man! | 12/10/10

Hey Guys,
Who cares what the song is about- its music, it sounds cool, i dont want to go and tear apart the world and sacrifice religious people! People can believe in bananas for all i care- its just a load of fun. Enjoy life but respect others, its like telling people theyre music opinion sucks- you dont do it.

Christianity | Reviewer: BlckMtl | 12/8/10

Alright first of all, the Andrew guy has no need to say what he said because him saying there is only one god and we interpret differently would be pressing his religion on us. I'm atheist and no god will enslave me to his faith or as long as metal lives because quite frankly, god has no need to push his beliefs on us along with his followers. If you want to whine about christianity, listen to un-black metal and blog there. This is an amazing song and needs no religious blasphemy involved. Its sad what the world deals with these days because religion. ALL OUR WARS START OVER SOME RELIGION!!!!

isolated and hated | Reviewer: athul | 11/26/10

iam athul am doing engineerin in CUSAT, am frm cochin, India.! I am hardcore fan of Dimmu borgir.!Dis sng was my frst black metal sng . I liked the video very much.! Aftr dat i get in to the core of black metal.. When i hear dis sng i felt like the world is tearing apart .! There are somany dimmu fans in India we are waiting for ur shows . We want to burn.!

Dimmu owns! | Reviewer: Jeroen | 9/28/10

You know, Dimmu Borgir are kinda like cheerleaders in a way. They are awesome to look at (al be it for different reasons lol), both do their very best to cheer on the team of their choosing and both put on one hell of a show. The only difference is that cheerleaders are way more evil lol. Although... this song is an anthem for Atheism and Satanism. You are perfectly free to listen to this and believe in a fairy tale god and the Jewish zombie but please do understand that this music is against religion. It wishes religion to suffer like it has made us sane people (Atheists, not those crazy Satan worshippers. They are just as nuts) suffer for centuries if not millennia.

Everyone who hates this stfu | Reviewer: Andrew | 9/18/10

It's ignorant that anyone would say that just because someone listens to a certain genre of music is anti-religious. I believe in Christ and I follow him AND I listen to black metal. I'm sick and tired of the fucking idiots who come on here and "preach the gospel to us non believers". People like you give Christianity a bad name. God loves us no matter what we listen to and will forgive us for our sins. Even those who believe in Satanism and Atheism. Quit acting as if one religion is the only true religion. Their is only one god and we all worship him in different ways. Quit treating black metal fans like heathens. Quit trying to force religion down everyone's throats.

Response- Beliefs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/10

Ehh, I'm no lover of religion, but I disagree with that statment. I don't think religion is the cause of hatred and oppression- I think it's the justification for it. Atheists are hateful too; it's part of human nature. What religion offers is an easy way to justify these emotions; an easy way to excuse ourselves acting on them.

The notion of God has a tonne of different uses in the human mind, it's a really fascinating thing. But a lot of it corresponds with human behavior- I mean, you get conspiracy theorists who believe stuff just as implausible as creationism, and that's completely secular. Human flaws will always exist.

P o t G A | Reviewer: shade | 2/28/10

i think its a great music with the great lyrics. There is sth in lyrics beyond all u said and dont forget the music that also implys alot...
Also i think the lyrics is Divine & not satanic with a little critisise

Beliefs. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/10

I think the idea of religion that made the most sense was the one stated by Gaahl. "the god within yourself is the only true god" the only true god is the one you make for yourself, so therefore, you are your own god, and you are your own satan.

In terms of christanity, the belief and support of god has been destroying and enslaving mankind since the damn religion's existance. it has been the cause of our continued ignorance, malice, and lack of tolerance for one another. it allows nothing to grow and mature. we could prove it untrue a hundred times over and it would still survive in the hearts of the blindly faithful, in other words stupid people. as long as the idea of god exists, we will never be free.

Christian???? | Reviewer: Jesus Christ | 2/24/10

I am not a christian. Those of you who call yourself christians, thank you for showing your own ignorance and hypocrisy. If you are a "true" christian you would never support dimmu, blackmetal or anything that goes against your god. There is no middle ground or gray area it says so in your bible, read it. Again thanks for showing the world how retarded you all are. Now i think the best thing about this song is that f@cking bass player and his f@cking viking godlike vocals. Blew me away!!! That guy can sing....

Duh! | Reviewer: yoruzuya | 2/20/10

Maybe you losers should quit arguing over what the song means. I'm a Christian and an ICS Vortex fanboy, and I'm damn proud to be both! It's a good song, and that's the bottom line, so just enjoy it! You're all thinking about this too much.

Don't waste your time blamming religion 4 everything | Reviewer: JL | 12/20/09

Religion is a tool, that might be true. But y blame it when the actual problems of these world include: intolerance in all aspects possible, envy and uncontrolled power thirst, and the worst of all: the lack of discipline and a good attitude. If you don't like religion just don't bother paying attention to it. Religion is only for people with a good discipline and attitude. If you don't have any of these, then it's useless. But people always want everything the easy/quick way and don't want to assume the consequences. The saddest irony of all is that they only realize the truth when it's already too late, when the damage is done, when they have lost it all, etc. Now, I'm NOT saying it's wrong to despise religion, cuz some people are right in some aspects. And I'm not perfect, I do have defects and I accept them. The problem are extremist religious, closed-minded people who have most of their thoughts wrong. They read, learn, think about, but NEVER apply.

LaVeyanism? | Reviewer: Stan | 9/22/09

Anton LeVay created a religion based on self worship, meaning if you pray to yourself you also answer those prayers. He thought of the idea through a carnival, seeing people who had asked for forgiveness and gone right back to the funeral to flirt with woman and get laid. Theistic Satanism is the subject at hand, not LaVeyan Satanism. There is no true Satanic bible. Only grimoires of magic and sorcery, which don't work on anything but a psychological level.

666 is a human number | Reviewer: Satan | 9/3/09

Who the hell wouldn't follow me? You christians have all been brainwashed by the thoughts and ideas of dead romans and greeks. Religion has always been a tool and always will be. It's a placebo to the things you could be getting and are too cowardly to recieve or go out and get. To the gay man who cries over his fleshly desires, the desires and needs that he would be dead without, is a dead man. A man who cries over being human is dead to the world, so go die. You will only be missed by the sad and pathetic people.