Escape 666 | Reviewer: Paimon | 8/29/09

Hey I noticed you said Satan's son will come and there will be blood, sex and drugs filling the churches....what's so bad about that? I like drugs....the sex seems pretty cool, and the blood is going to be of ppl who don't follow him, ssooooo, what's the bad part? same w/ your god...if you don't follow him you have eternal death. your god is not really that much different that ours, we just have a god that believes in more freedom and fun. =)

Who r u? a christian? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/09

Believing in God dsnt ever make u a christian! Dnt be lying to yourself! U r completely LaVeyan!
To become a christian u must be washed by the blood of Christ and receive his change in your life by his resurrection and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Now u are not a christian.

To all who believe that religion is a kinda marketing. Religion ? Yes it is the one! And thank you 'so called christians' in the US for making a religion from christianity ad earning money on that! May God bless his judgment (greek is KRISIS for judgment) upon u to make u believe His Christ and repent before his second return.

Now make you decision and give your heart to Christ! to him all the glory amen!

Beliefs... | Reviewer: Vile Species | 5/14/09

Just to give my piece about beliefs because everyone else seems to be doing it... I'm kind of a mix of a lot of beliefs. I'm Christian but at the same time LaVeyan (is there a name for that?) I'm Christian in that I believe there's a God (I have a reason to believe so from my personal past experiences) but I'm LaVeyan in that I believe each individual human is the God in his or her own life and that concepts of "sin", while somewhat true, restrict the human nature too much. As far as music, I don't care about religious messages. It makes no different if it's Christian, Satanic, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, etc., so long as it sounds good. But I find the message behind this song worth going into detail with so can someone help me out with that?

Think beyond what you hear and read. . . beyond words... | Reviewer: marco | 3/10/09

what topic can cause more debate than religion? very few... its all Marketing.
Meantime, its cool to try understand what was the writter's vision when wrote the song. I will give it a try and use Nietzsche's philosophy, which i feel very bond to. Here it goes:
"The Battle" (razism, power control, religion...)
"hatred for man"
"without the eyes to see" (ignorance, dogmatism, controlled, religion)
"we the prosperity..." (Nietzsche's vission about those who will give birth to "Nietzsche's" super-man)
"cloacked by the thunders of the North wind..." (it sounds to me like arian razism, "NORTH...")
"Zero Tolerance..." (war against those who are getting in the way of Nietzsches' super-man"
"we who. . . . ." (stating his beliefs and principles)
"Claim the throne..."(be the best you can, and not be a slave of the system. . . do not tolerate mediocrity...)
"consider the God we could be without..." (by writting God with G capital it is straight against all Monotheist religions; consider even act against your imposed principles....and spread this way of thinking...)

Bottom Line: I think this is an extreemely good song, musically and even its lyrics I like very much, I would say, even being a christian, I thinks its beautyful, I would just leave the racist part out, because that is not the path that could lead us human to the "super-man", because all races have somethings exclusive in which they exceed others, so I would dare to say the right path is a mix of races...
Thanks for your time.

Human nature | Reviewer: Aapiesnuf | 3/7/09

This song is about not agreeing with the Christian idea of sin and to choose to believe that human nature should not be suppressed.

''We, who not deny the animal of our nature''
The animal most probably stands for lust and carnal desire.

''We, who yearn to preserve our liberation'''
Not being stuck with so-called sins.

''The battle raged on and on
Fuelled by the venom of hatred for man
Consistently, without the eyes to see
By those who rebel in sewer equally''

Is probably the battle of the christians against satan(ism), because satanists think that christianity is based on falsehood and lies and therefore think they are ''blind'' for the truth.

''Cloaked by the thunders of the north wind''
This might have something to do with the pentagram although I'm not sure.

''Consider the God we could be without the grace''
LaVeyan Satanists see themselves as a god.

''Should we not hunt the bastards down with our might
Reinforce and claim the throne that is rightfully ours''
LaVeyan Satanists see themselves as a god, therefore the ''throne'' should be theirs.

''Discover and conceive the secret wealth
And pass it unto your breed
Becoming your own congregation
Oh, measure the serenity of it's invigoration''
I'm thinking the secret wealth is the Satanic Bible, rest speaks for itself.

''Born to capture the essence of
The traits of our kind''
To do all the so-called sins that lead to self gratification. (Pride and Greed for instance)

well then | Reviewer: BurningxCold | 2/27/09

I'm Episcopalian Christian, but I loves me some Dimmu. I am pretty active as a christian, but I'm also very open to learning about other religions. I don't get all the Christians who talk shit about other religions and try to bring them down. Religion is more of a way that people accept, and I don't think that people should try to impose their beliefs on others.

Just my point of view.


I don't see what the heck is the controversy | Reviewer: gorthaurthecruel | 1/9/09

I don't know why everybody talks and talks about theistic or LaVeyan Satanism all the time, there is not such a great deal. Dimmu Borgir isn't a Satanic band, thousands of times they have declared themselves as ATHEISTS and the only reason why they talk about Satan in some of their songs is because their decided opposition and hatred for Christianity, so stop discussing something which is already decided.

ESCAPE 666 IN THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES. | Reviewer: BeSetFree | 12/28/08

Hello guys...

Many of you probably are deep into satanism... I was into it too, but I realized its not cool, and that it truly kills the soul (and its NOT worth it).
The Antichrist will soon come and all the horrible things these bands sing about will become REALITY, as Antichrist will lead a Second Holocaust against Christians and will implement a Bloody Religion in wich Satan will be the God of the world and Blood, Sex and Drugs will fill the Churches the homes and the streets. And those who Refuse to follow "Satans son" will be Killed.
There is an ESCAPE from this Second Holocaust.
"Follow JESUS and Do What he Said So you wont end up a Shrunken head"
Pray the Lords Prayer and Live it, and Ask GOD to help you out of your darkness.
He WILL help you OVERCOME it.

And Let JESUS Set You Free!
The Site is an EYEOPENER. Make sure you read the Prophecy of the Church of Philadelphia and TWO Raptures. On the site you can also read about the NAME and IDENTITY of the ANTICHRIST 666.

Religion And Black Metal | Reviewer: Marius | 12/1/08

Most black metal musicians write lyrics about Satan and a lot of them claim to be Theistic Satanists whom literally worship Satan such as Infernus from the band Gorgoroth or Euronymous of Mayhem and hate LeVayen Satanism or Symbolic/Modern Satanism (My Religion) which represents God and Satan purely as metaphors and everything is symbolic dealing with the acceptance of man's carnal self, but Dimmu Borgir is neither. The members of Dimmu Borgir are atheists and have claimed to be so many times. They use Satanism in their lyrics to express their anti-Christian beliefs. I believe this song is about how a war between religions is waging on and will cause the 'Great Apocalypse' in which case they will rise and dominate the lands. I'll assume that they represent Symbolic Satanism due to the We, who portion of the songs lyrics. I honestly don't care about bands that hate on another religion, even if it's mine because Gorgoroth and quite a few other black metal musicians who claim to be Theistic Satanists express their disdain for the LeVayen practice. I for one simply believe religion should be a personal and private thing and I'm against open worship.

this song is amazing | Reviewer: stefymetalforever | 11/28/08

i've known dimmu borgir 2 years ago, and i ve never found a band like this. i love them! and this song is absolutely amazing, for lyric and for the music too... i don't sentence satanism or satanists, i love this religion!!!!!! i'm an italian girl and so... continuate cosi dimmu borgir, vi adoro!

NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 | Reviewer: NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 | 11/24/08

Ahh, do people always have to debate over song lyrics? Why can't you just enjoy the music? Though I do belive that the lyrics to this song are very good. And yes, I DO tend to read the lyrics of almost every band I like, it's just that I really don't like to see people saying shit on bands they obviously don't like, like "Satanism is so gay" and whatnot, who cares what other's believe, it's not your life to lead so get over it. XD Everyone has thier own deciscions, so don't question, just enjoy. Love this song!!!

What is satan ?! | Reviewer: mohammad | 11/22/08

Have u tought ever that what is satan ?
A creature with horns an red skin and ...
no this is what we have made in our mind for that .Satan is what is not ! it's just like we dont have darkness , A place with no light is NAMED dark . We dont coldness, cold is the place wich we don't have energy in the molecules .
I mean we just have God (the all good) and the other side is nothing !!! its hollow and that is what they call satan and devil they don't know themselves !
they are missunderstood ! mixed !
they belive in something powerful but they dont know the power is god's !
they beleave in god but they call it satan cos they dont know what are god and satan exactly !
and about theyr belief about religion :
what is religion really ?
its path a standard one wich is shown to us to reach a completeness as fast as we could they r the fastest ways but some people don't relly on them they whant to differ but they dont know that is all the same but the accelerations is different !
They do good work their musics r really nice specially this one and they try to be good in their job,thats why they r good they believe in God but they name it satan !

sorry for some mistakes its not my mother tongue !

im a muslim and i love what is good cos if we call God all goodness so anything good is a peace of god no difference whats is its name . thank u for reading .

progenies meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/08

sons and daughters of the christians/ religous who war upon Science and Truth and free Thought: Apocalypse being the final battle for the supreme winner of this war.... rise up against oppresion and make your own coven of reality not 2000 year old fiction

Quote | Reviewer: Chris | 10/11/08

"Well i'm christian but i love metal bands such as dimmu! i'm confused about satanism and if they are or not but i just love their musical creations...cause they're great like a band! Can someone please explain me in our human language what they're saying or trying to say with that song?
P.s pure question! i'm not judgin or anything..."

I don't know if they're "just" lyrics or not, but usually in black metal you're meant to try to look at what the lyrics are saying, so I'll assume the same aplies to Dimmu:

In my opinion, I'd reckon they're talking about how humans have changed (i.e. commercialism) "we who do not deny the animal of our nature" looks like they're trying to say the rest of the world has gone so far in commercialism (wow, what hypocrites) and modernism that they, being left behind, are like the only ones who haven't denied nature. And I'd imagine by "the battle raged on and on" they're trying to say that one day the people who stay true to nature (so all you Christians'd better watch out, Paganism is coming back(?)) will attack the rest of mankind... something like that maybe.

mmm | Reviewer: Deppy | 9/22/08

Well i'm christian but i love metal bands such as dimmu! i'm confused about satanism and if they are or not but i just love their musical creations...cause they're great like a band! Can someone please explain me in our human language what they're saying or trying to say with that song?
P.s pure question! i'm not judgin or anything...