great lyrics | Reviewer: richard | 7/24/07

i think that the lyrics to this song are great if you understand them and that peoples opinions on them should be valued if they can be justified

Dimmu Borgir | Reviewer: Ginger<3 | 6/17/07

They are one of the Finest bands of Black metal, WHt really gets me Is Vortex, He has a Strong and Powerful Beautiful voice that gets you

best song ever | Reviewer: alex | 6/12/07

this song and video are the best ever and if you say it sucks you should die.

Progenies of the Great Apocalypse | Reviewer: Courtney | 6/9/07

Thank you Steve! I was beginning to wonder if anyone actually knew what they were talking about. And anyone who thinks that all of "today's youth" are so heavily influenced by music and video games that they can't decipher between good and evil should be shot and or given a good talking to. :)

DIMMU BORGIR | Reviewer: MIKE | 5/31/07

Jesus is good. Satan is GREAT. So stfu and go listen to more DIMMU.

dimmu | Reviewer: steve | 5/18/07

These lyrics are talking about the 2nd coming of the satanism vs christianity war and how satanism wins and the christians leave the earth to afterlife.... this has nothing to do with modern day warfare... the lyrics come from the bible of satan... come on guys get some education haha

famous finally playing for our team | Reviewer: anon | 4/17/07

yea the music is dark and talks about death, so?

It talks about killing our enemies. This is very welcome in this age where Terrorists at gitmo recieve better quarters and care than the privates that guard them.

+"Are we not the undisputed prodigy of warfare"
-Yes we are. If the muzzies had our capabilities we would already be dead.

+"Fearing all the mediocrity that they possess"
-We have weak stomachs. 3000+ troops dead? Yea thats bad. In World War II, approx 62 million people died. Last year in U.S. 40k died in auto accidents. Last year in U.S. 40k were killed by illegal immigrants.

+"Should we not hunt the bastards down with our might"
-Indeed we should. They grow in power and this little skirmish will be much larger in 50 years if we dont nip it in the bud.

+"Reinforce and claim the throne that is rightfully ours"
-I would rather it be ours. Our women dont have to wear rags over their heads and get to vote! Also, you dont go to jail for having religious beliefs that are your own.

Thanks dimmu borgir for playing for the home team. Its a welcome change.

hey, cut them some slack, english is not their native tounge | Reviewer: scott | 4/14/07

sometimes oeople have to realize that it's not easy for a lyricist to write in english when it's not their native language. think you could write lyrics that would make sense in norwegian? i know i could

what a fucked up peice | Reviewer: stupid song | 4/9/07

Is anybody even educated enough to understand what these lyrics are telling us, and what this band is speaking. Study the lyrics of approx 10 of their songs, notice the contridiction, and the confusion within the words. To many people are listening to this and other bands in the black metal society and taking the words as if it is a way of life and beleif! Listen to the torment, and the brutal descriptions in some of the songs, than wonder why the world is how it is today! We listen to the media make remarks about how the music and movies and tv today are sculpting young minds, and how it is these that turn good into bad. Than as we shout at the tv/radio without even thinking calling them liars and telling them they don't know what they are saying, we don't realize that it is the music like this they are talking about and that indeed they are speaking the truth! Think about the lyrics next song you listen to and what they are really saying before preaching its intelligence!

amazing dimmu | Reviewer: fercho | 2/12/07

your very great dimmu you`re amazing like said aerosmith i`m colombia i love dimmu borgir writter me

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/06

an amazing song and video. great combination of metal guitars and operatic signing. very good song. it has a doomy feel to it, which makes it great. the lyrics are amazing also

Title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/06

In my personal opinion surely one of the most talented metal bands there are. It's a great song, combining hard heavy band music with symphonic melodies, creating some of the best black metal ever.

Dark and Powerful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/06

Great Music, and interesting lyrics, well worth watchin if u lyk any form of Metal. Awesome Symphonic Black Metal. I might recommend "Dimmu Borgir: World Misanthropy" on DVD. I like it...

the video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/05

the video is really great, it has the right climate so to speak, the song`s powerful and dark and the lyrics are interesting

Fucking Excellent | Reviewer: Nat | 8/31/05

One of the best metal songs ever, combining operatic doom music with pure fucking metal.