Its not what we think, its what we should know. | Reviewer: Given | 10/20/07

Bottom line about Dimmu Borgir...expect the unexpected. The band simply produces the sounds of Heaven and Hell inside of every soul, religious or not, take it as you will. Music is life,so listen to it. Thank you Dimmu Borgir!
P.S.Who's side are YOU on, reader?

What The Hell???? | Reviewer: Andreas | 10/10/07

Why are you guys calling them Satanists. They are not Satanists, sure they mention Satan now and then, but as a good Norwegian i know that they are not satanists. They are Atheist/├ůsatro followers. They are against religion and the easiest way to piss off christians and get known is to sing about Satan.

And pissing off Fundamentalistic Christians is Fun

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

its an awesome band, i love this song
i dont care if it the band is satanic, i like the music, im a christian, but still i love metal

Come on, people! | Reviewer: Jake | 10/7/07

Dimmu Borgir is a great band, and just cause *gasp* Oh no! They're talking about 'Satan'! does not make this band a bunch of satanists! Religion, even if the 'Christians' don't believe it, is a major factor in any war. Like the people we're fighting in Iraq? They're EXTREMIST Muslims. Oh, and read up on the Crusades, those were religious fights, too. Although I believe there is no such thing as 'God' or 'Satan' or whatever, it's just overdone. es, I'm pretty much atheist, sue me!

whats wrong with the song | Reviewer: levay | 9/25/07

there is nothing wrong with the song but as for you who dont think they are satanists, they are this song and many others they quote the satanic bible but i dont care i just like the music lol

wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

you guys are all great about arguing the right to religion
what about the right to say whatever i want
oir anyone else's right to say whatever they want??? you forget that one???
Dimmu Borgir has amazing talent,
but as a christian its sad to see them use it for the glorification of satan.
but like you all want to say oits their choice and i do not condemn, or concur with that choice

they are amazing musicians, that i will give them

Dimmu Borgir | Reviewer: itsonlymee | 9/12/07

i have to be an christian in case of my parents,,
but i dont believe it.
i really really really like the song+ lyrics...
its great
thats something i had to say.
ciao, Rik

review progenies of the great apocalypse | Reviewer: blauwn | 9/8/07

dimmu borgir is a satanic norwegian black metal band.
this is something some people might like and others don't.
for those who like this is good music for others not.
but i think everyone should try this band and see what he/she finds about this band.

Not for the faint of heart | Reviewer: Godslave | 9/5/07

I am a Christian musician, and while I may not agree with Dimmu's philosophy or theology (or lack thereof), I absolutely thrive on this song, "Kings of the Carnival Creation" and "Promised Future Aeons."

It is only the weak man who would stumble over artistic impression. If I want the right to play music that glorifies God, I MUST allow others who do not agree with me the same right.

WTF | Reviewer: Mattie | 8/13/07

This is a place for reviewing the song not religion.

Obviously Dimmu's music isnt always for the faint of heart, or faith...

So if you are a firm believer in god, DONT listen to them if you dont like them. Its that simple.
Quit bitching about it because people are going to do whatever the hell they want.
Black metal rules.

dim | Reviewer: zefuhr | 8/13/07

sometimes musicians put forth something larger than us, and this one, i think, has more to do with our generation and what we're facing, whether we can see it now or not. check out vile's blog if you want to know what i'm talking about.

wtf is goin on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/07

this space is supposed 2 comment on the song not on churches and satanists ... anyways as for me i like the song much .. it has all what u can say bout awesome music
Oh n btw we live in a free world 2day ... so let satanists believe in satan and christians believe in Jesus ... just don't make everything in the world a fight .. um a muslim myself and i listen 2 dimmu n 2 many other metal bands and um free to listen to whatever i want n i do believe in God..
stop fightin n comment on the song ....

about your little religous feelings | Reviewer: tad | 8/9/07

ok religous peoples it's a free world we can like satanism just as much as you like your christian stuff and i can to decipher what is good and evil maybe i like evil more than good and video games have nothing to do with this see this is why i don't go to church anymore cause they think videogames are bad for you and lead you down the path of evil oh well if they do then i'm goin in the right direction screw religious people

wtf dimu's member are not satanists | Reviewer: jordan | 8/3/07

you are dumb kereem kam or w/e you name was! steve wasn't saying dimu's members are satinists... maybe he was... but they are they are normal people they write those lyrics because who would listen to them if they new there lyrics were about the time the were bailing hay and there dog got run over and there truck broke down... or about like space and stars thats fucking power metul.. thated be fuckin stupid!!


i know what your saying kids shouldn't be fuckin stupid enough to believe some of the shit artist write about like dimu.. or at least look into the members first to see that they are NOT SATANISTs.. and there lyrics do not directly say what they believe!

Satanic Bible | Reviewer: Kerem Can | 7/23/07

Steve is %100 right. Dimmu Borgir members are satanists. And this song is about how will christianity will be erased from this world. (Also see the song "puritania") We satanists will not "fight" physically against christians. We will only "hunt the bastards down with our might" when they use physical attacks against us. We can be without the so called "god"s grace.

Though, the same zero tolerance must be issued forth about our ( I mean civilians here ) enemies .