stfu | Reviewer: the count | 7/28/08

the debate of music will go on for eternity and its all the individual who is listening's choice what they listen to no matter what "catagory" or "group" or whatever they classify themselves under or what others classify them under, we are all on this page because we all have one thing in common, we all love dimmu borgir, whether that makes us somehow alike or not is irrelivant but we should focus on talking about how awesome dimmu borgir are and not argue about what bands are what genre and whether dimmu borgir are satanists because whether they are satanists or not is irrelavant because its the music that matters in the end and if you choose not to listen to a band because of how the spend their personal life even if you like their music then you are just narrow minded

Bravo | Reviewer: angelofdeath | 7/1/08

One of my favourites. Specially the video. Believe it or not, whenever I have to sit for an exam, I always listen to this track before going into the exam hall. Still cant understand why. I am not a satanic or even a catholic or anything. But seriouslt, I dont give a shit whether Dimmu is satanic or not. Love their music.

Satanists? | Reviewer: Bill Baker | 4/16/08

Most of them are quasi-satanists{or have satanic sympathies;} indeed. To my knowledge the only one whom actively practices modern religious satanism is Shagrath.
But I'd be willing to bet they've all toyed with religious satanism at one point or another.

Satanism, contrary tp popular opinion has NOTHING to do with the anti-humanistic blindly hateful misanthropy so prevalent in black metal and some death metal.
It's a highly humanistic philosophical quasi-religion.
Most black metal guys are non-satanists whom perceive satan the same way christians do- as the lord of blind hate and mindless violence,etc- and sing his praises for that reason. Satan is a Promethean humanistic figure for real religious Satanists- NOT the Ahrimanic lets hate eeryone and everything and glorify mindless violence and unbounded branless hatred!

In fact, reading most of Dimmu's lyrics since "spiritual black"- they have presented a form of satanism increasingly more in that direction{the humanisic form}- though perhaps have deviated in some songs.

In Reason:

for all idiots!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/08

some people have got the worst ideas about death metal, black metal and stanists

i cant be bothered to go into detail cuz normally when you do the people youre talking to are just ignorant and wont admit their fault.

1. Dimmu Borgir is BLACK METAL not death, same as cradle of filth.

2. Dimmu Borgir are NOT satanists, they are anti religious. BIG DIFFERENCE

3. Alex, your list of death metal bands are wrong. In Flames, Dark Tranquillity are not death metal, they are melodic death (that may seem the same bit beleive me its not), Behemoth, Canibal Corpse, Necrophagist are Death Metal

and a message to grey, your friends obviously have no idea what christianity is about. I'm a christian, and if i judged someone for not beleiving then that in its self is a sin.

It pisses me off peoples stereo types of certain areas of metal and christians who are so far up their own ass they look at everyone elses sin accept themselves, maybe if they picked up a bloody bible and read it every now and again it says DO NO JUDGE and if they were open enough to admit it (which i doubt), christians who are up their own ass are very much like pharasees in Jesus time, and you can bet on your soul that theyre burning in hell now.


Dimmu Borgir own all

thank you


ps. yes i am a christian... i love black metal... get over it... twats (Y)

Mr. Composer.... | Reviewer: Alex | 1/15/08

"Our" (Read as us who listen to Black and Death Metal) music is something that could be compared to opera, you have to train your ears for it to fully understand it's nature and purpose... YThe growling is there for a reason... Dimmu Borgir might not be concidered a "true" Norwegian Black Metal Band (Death Metal is VERY different from Black Metal)because they use Keyboard and Ochestral instruments to create a certain atmosphere/feeling in the song tha man other BM bands do not do, but I don't care, their sound is great and is something "new" as oppossed to all "true" BM bands out there... as far as the band not being skillful without their keyboardist you really can't know much about extreme metal if you truly claim that... the bass player and co-vocalist "ICS Vortex" is great on the bass as well as with his clean vocals acting as a contrast to Shagrath's growling really works beautiully... then Shagrath himself is a veeeery musical guy, he is lead vocalist, but have also played all instruments in the band before... He also runs a side project with some other front figures from other extreme metal bands, the band is called Chrome Division and in which he plays lead guitar... No Dimmu Borgir aren't satanists, neither do they send out satanic messages with their music (the pretty much only BM band that actually does this would be GORGOROTH, and they are a scary fucking band with insane band members and they are satanists, their vocalist have even been tried and found guily for tourture), their messages declines all religions and feature misanthropy, demise, death, warfare, dispair, etc. more than satanism... sure they use the satanic imagery, but to fully understand Black Metal you really eed to explore it's roots (search youtube for the ducumentary on "Varg Vikernes" it will give you a real insight in "our" music culture...

and FYI, if you want to know what death metal is then search for bands like, "In Flames" (their old stuff), Dark Tranquillity, Marduk, etc..
And for more "pure/true" Black Metal search for bands like, "Mayhem", "Burzum", "Watain", etc...

Wonderful | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/31/07

Dimmu Borgir has always produced great music, and is always welcome to my ears......As for them being Satanists - no one should really give a damn, because it's not their business. Who cares. Just because they write and sing about him in a few of their songs doesn't mean anything....

hm not satanists? | Reviewer: erik | 12/13/07

ok, you tell that they are not satanists?
then, only a retarded non satanist will play a song "Satan my master..."
i am christian, but i like this song and i like watching satanists, they think they are such a "bad boys" if they're wearing make-up, leather, chains, etc..

Retarted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

Seriously, lyrics never hurt anybody, well, thats the listeners choice. Its not propaganda for satan, its entertainment. Im a baptised christian and i know a fair bit, having pentagrams on your cds and speaking about rebellion doesnt make you satanist. Buts its an awesome song, any band from norway has good shit, no lie

From a Composer's Point of View | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

Much like the OTHER well-known death metal band, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir features symphonic keyboard and orchestral work superimposed onto heavy metal guitars, accompanied by the easily recognizable "metal" voice.

As a composer, I can REALLY appreciate the orchestra and keyboards, along with the guitars, seeing as it brings a sense of "modern-apocalypse" with 21st century undertones of teenage rebellion- always good for the soundtrack to a good action flick. However, the vocals leave a lot to be desired. Musically, they are useless. If anything they add narration to the song, that is it. The vocals are generally "growled" out in barely recognizable tones, and many times, if you listen closely enough they don't even match the pitch of the song (E- minor). The only point in this song in which I would not do away with is at 2 minutes and 16 seconds, when the song switches to C# major, deviating on and off to B minor, F# minor, and then to G minor. This is actually my favorite part of the song, because it brings a sense of theological majesty to the song (makes me think of the glory of kings in the ancient times). Other than that, the vocals sound like the dying rasps of an old woman with lung cancer and a hole in her throat. In short, someone in the band must have some major musical talent, which is what must keep them going. My guess is that if the band lost their keyboard and keyboardist, they would be nothing. Dimmu Borgir is full of shock value, and appeals to angry, negative teen culture everywhere, BUT they are SO MUCH MORE than that. I say FORGET the vocals and enjoy the orchestral beauty this song beholds when you look BEYOND the screaming, angry, and immature "METALLL!!!!! DD:<" aspect of the song.

Remember- Metal alone is shallow. It is the music metal is superimposed on that makes metal so good.

Much love,

Epic Composer Graves.

dudes !!!! | Reviewer: Seth | 12/9/07

wtf is wrong with the ppl today ... first off ... dimmu borgir is an amazing band ... from my point its the best black metal band out there. second ... wtf as long as they only mention God or satan in theyr lyrics doesn't make 'em satanists ... and if they are ... who freakin' cares as long as they do it in theyr spare time ... grow up guys and stop acusing ppl of being satanist or non-believers because they just say some stuff about the darkness within man ... we all have it ... and its not for us to judge ...

Freakin' Awesome! | Reviewer: Mannequin. | 11/26/07

This song is one of my favorites from Dimmu Borgir. Who cares if their Satanic or not. Its them and they wouldn't really care what we think anyways. I'm catholic, but I still love hearing Metal music, even if it does mention Saton or God or what not.

Get the facts | Reviewer: Grey | 11/25/07

They are satanists, Shagrath (the lead vocals) is a major satanist. You dont have to be a non-god believer to like them, but they are still satanists. Either enjoy em or dont.


P.s. Christians pass more judgement then anyone i know, and half of my friends are christians and they think anyone who dosent believe in God is a "bad person".

Review | Reviewer: Mammy | 11/12/07

This song if fuckin awesome!! Im with Andreas. Im a christian and I love pissing off other Christians, just coz I can and I get a kick out of it.

Judgement is a crime | Reviewer: Roy | 11/2/07

I love this band. It has the best Metal sound iv'e ever heard. You can label them as satanists if you want but don't judge. you don't know if there satanic or not. As for me I'm a born again believer, but that does not mean I can't listen to great music.

God bless.
Dark Wolf

GREAT | Reviewer: Rory | 10/28/07

Amazing musicians, anyone that knows the first thing about music can tell that. and so what if the lyrics are satanic (if they are even satanic) its not going to hurt anybody, and if you are a firm believer in any relisgion, ok fine it may harm their "souls" but what has that got to do with u?, ps, judge not lest ye be judged. =P