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amazing and knows his music | Reviewer: aubrey | 8/17/11

Dierks is an awesome singer. From watching the Country Music festival i became addicted to his song am i the only one and i have listened to country 7 years and he pulled me right back into country music. Dierks no his music and the people who help him out are probably really good and they are probably like family to him.

Dierks | Reviewer: Dierks lover :) | 11/9/09

I think he is the best country singer out there, him and brad paisley are my top two favorite, his looks do add a plus to him, but his music is amazing. My favorite is still sideways! he's such a great performer too! ahh :)

HOTTIE! | Reviewer: maycee | 7/28/07

omg!! i love dierks bentley! he is the hottest!! he has the hottest voice in the world!! i love u dierks!!

Dierks Bentley | Reviewer: cora | 8/26/06

Dierks is the greatest singer ever. I love the way he sings. He's a great person. He's hot, the hair works for him.

Wonderful! | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/10/05

Dierks Bentley is a wonderful performer. In concert he sings like he is singing directly to you. He touches your heart and soul with his voice.

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