Beautiful | Reviewer: Kris | 10/31/05

Beautiful song and her voice is so captivating... Her voice stopped me before I listened to the words of the song....please listen to it..everyone..

white flag rox | Reviewer: fifi bee | 3/16/05

there will be no white flag above my door,
i'm in love and always will be...
beautiful song, dido sings the truth. love her voice. perfect singalong song

No matter... | Reviewer: Schwelty | 2/7/05

what kind of music you are into, I'm sure you'll love this song. Very moving, very unforgetable. The soul from the song is so strong and pulling that my heart beats in time with it.

Unforgettable! | Reviewer: Mi | 12/7/04

Even if I live one hundred years I will NEVER forget this song! Brings back great memories to me... "cause I'm in love, and always will be"

I love this song! | Reviewer: samantha | 7/9/04

This song help me through all my depress times! And now I'm doing better! SO listen to this, and it may help you as well.

AWESOME "WHITE FLAG" | Reviewer: Holly | 7/9/04

This song is awesome. I love the beat, the words, the whole thing. GREAT!!!