The mood | Reviewer: Peter Akpakpan Udo Imin | 10/24/13

Each time i played this song it reminds me about my first luv that seems to me logical till each tears i cried bcomz a rose to me. i really really luv the lyric and the artist.

Tragic Lyrical poetry | Reviewer: Rebekah | 6/30/10

At first the sight and comprehension of these lyrics strikes me offensively, because I am usually the one who lives by the "it's over" rule, and have had my share of one or two exes who take a similar stance. It's tragic because this stance ensures loss, loss and more loss for the desperately unable to cope individual it represents. But I can see why this song might haunt me, for the sake of the one I was so crazy in love with who didn't deserve my unconditional devotion, because they are incapable of receiving or reciprocating the health of the love.

Maybe... | Reviewer: Lone Wolf | 9/27/08

This song reminds me of my situation right now. I hurt Archy really badly, and even Irish too. What if I had never met them? I love them still, but "I left too much destruction" for them in their lives and I didn't mean to. But I won't surrender because "I'm in love and always will be..."

I luv this song!♥♥♥ | Reviewer: Mel | 1/17/08

I used to have a crush on some1 so I'd listen to this song and think of him,but now I hate him and my friend likes this guy so I can play this song for her and its all good...

so emotional | Reviewer: aco | 8/24/07

i feel my heart get touch with this song...
it's very awsome. till now, i cry if i hear this song alone in my room.

White Flag by Dido | Reviewer: Sharon | 7/21/07

This song sums up exactly how I feel at the moment.....It gets right to the core of you! I love it!!

i love this song | Reviewer: dana | 6/15/07

this song makes my heart feel weird it so beautiful that i want to cry i love this song and i totally think that the lyrics to this song is true and i believe in the lyrics.

Lovelly song and lyrics | Reviewer: Assassin | 6/3/07

This song touches my heart, big time..brought me back to my dark times. Can't be better..!

Oh my gosh! | Reviewer: marissa | 5/22/07

Amazing song!! This is breathtaking!! Her voice is angelic! My friend sang this at her talent show! Its amazing!

its really true!! | Reviewer: shubu | 5/19/07

had heard this song a no. f times bt......... wt it makes me feel 2day is... wat i can c fr my future.!! im in love n mayb alwz will b. yaa n yes lik many others my fav. part is
'And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
All that was there
will be there still
I'll let it pass
and hold my tongue
And you will think
that I've moved on'.

Great song! | Reviewer: Abby | 3/19/07

What a great song! Helped me realize I think I may love owen instead of john

white flag | Reviewer: miranda | 2/26/07

yeah i heard this song millions of times, and i never really paid attention, but i kick myself now for not doing that.

breathless :') | Reviewer: jennifer | 2/19/07

this song makes you want to quit breathing. the words just seem to fill your soul with an unfamiliar stength. when i actually listen and hear the words, this choking sensation seems to overcome me. i am in love with song.

WHITE FLAG xD | Reviewer: stargazer | 2/9/07

omg! this song is cool! B-) esp. e part 'And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
All that was there
will be there still
I'll let it pass
and hold my tongue
And you will think
that I've moved on'. IT'S SUPER HIGH-PITCHED AND TOUCHING! my god, DIDO YOU ROCK! :D so, rock on ok?

Emotional | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/06

I love this song! It makes me think about something that is happening to me.....I love the music. Her voice is breathtaking and heartfelt. Personally I think she is an excellent artist. I love the music video for this song as well! If anyone wants to see it go to my site...