serendipity | Reviewer: Bill Barker | 2/7/13

I was longing to hear an old love song called 'East of the Sun' and I managed to get my 'smart TV' to scan Utube for it. To my utter amazement,the first choice was Dianna Krall. (who is she I thought) Well! let me tell you; I was enthralled by her performance, and did a bio on Google. I could not believe that I had never heard her name. I come fro the era of Art Tatum and Fats Waller, not to mention Oscar Pederson, now I must have Dianna's DVD

Diana Krall | Reviewer: Kenneth Creightney | 2/3/13

Diana Krall World renoun Jazz pianist, creative composer, and great interpreer of Gershwin Cole Porter with great thaughts of Artist as Miles Davis, Oscar Perterson, Writing great song,and her own interpretation having such great success wih her composition.The best I can say Diana Krall is God Blessed.

The Nanaimo Princess | Reviewer: Michael Finnigan | 6/3/11

Thank you Ray Brown for taking this precious soul under your wing and lighting her way. Maybe someday she will return to the island and experience our love for her. She is such a wonderful lady.

The Best jazz musician ever! | Reviewer: Gunay | 11/23/10

I'm Gunay from Azerbaijan.i'm so glad to find people who love jazz and who is astonished with her playing as much as i.
i think she's fantastic.i relax listening her music,its enjoyable. i bought her DVD on e-bay and plan to buy more.unfortunately i couldn't go to her concert to listen to her live,but i wish someday she'l come to Azerbaijan to give concert and people here who don't know her yet will have chance to go to concert and get familiar with her music.

DVD Live in Paris | Reviewer: Ctibor Ustohal | 9/21/10

After watching this DVD and listening to Diana's
incredible performance I was shocked.As Canadian since 1986 I've known her name, but that was it.
Her new way of jazz interpretation is one of the most impressive. As a big fan of classical music I believe Diana's music will last for many generations ahead. Her gifted talent is one of those examples of music as "Heavens gift to humanity. Ctibor.

the youth playing my music of old ? | Reviewer: Bobby G.. | 4/18/10

yes, i enjoy and own some of Diana's albums and am so pleased as a Tenor Sax player of the old american song's and to hear her rendition of all those great songs .
She and chis botti, harry connick jr, michael buble, and michael fienstien are so good at bringing back the great jazz era that we all miss so much.
They are a credit to the music and their own conception of jazz the way it once was.
thanks again . keep on swingin.

Wonderful Jazz Personality | Reviewer: Alan C. | 5/1/09

I am an amateur tenor sax player who loves and plays modern jazz. Until recently, I had only heard the name Diana Krall mentioned. After hearing and seeing her 'Live in Paris' concert, I am convinced she is one of the best! And I go back a number of years with that statement!

friend want me | Reviewer: leehyoungyeoun | 10/25/08

glad to meet you my name is leehyoungyeoun seoul korea living in now seoul to pcroom in your face is pretty and good body mine. hobbist is guitar and song well do we are the group how will tel me 010-8070-1737 please

S'Wonderful: The great Diana Krall. | Reviewer: Robert Stewart | 10/5/07

There's a few things to be said about Diana Krall: she is a great jazz pianist, has impeccable vocal timing, and manages, somehow, to take the standards that have been sung before by our great icons and give them a new life through her own style and interpretations.Only one question: can anyone tell me if she was at all been influenced by the incomparable Nina Simone, also a great pianist and a great interpretor of songs. Simone is an original. And I also wonder if she knows Lena Horne's "Do I love You, Deed I Do" which Krall also sings on her "Live in Paris" album.

love is where you are | Reviewer: guylene | 5/28/06

Good morning,

Please can you give me the "title album" for the song : Love is where you are - Singer Diana Krall.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much.