Plus a change | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/12

Only 5% of males are sexually attractive. Bipedal females (unless they are cuckoo) have a desperate biological need for a male who is in the 5% and who will be absolutely faithful, since a man with great genes won't produce any grandchildren if the male doesn't keep a nest over the female's head and food on the table. So 95% of bipedal females will find themselves with sexually unattractive males, and the 5% mated to attractive males will find that their mates cheat, since they are incessantly approached by females who demand sex, and no man can resist temptation.

Life is not kind.

Meaning of Glad Rag Doll | Reviewer: Kirsty Savic | 11/28/12

This song is about the Roaring 20s and the Prohibition Era following the relatively conservative period after WW1. It depicts society's more liberal views about women and sex, drugs and alcohol, corruption and lack of order in society in urban areas after 1925.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Ali | 10/18/12

I love the way this song depicts what is true of all superficial females. You know, the ones that stick out their plastic-pseudo-boobs and wear tons of make up and provocative clothing. That's what happens to them. They are used, taken advantage of, and sadly many of them do this to impress people who they don't even know. The message is great, "it doesn't have to end here" if they turn around and mend themselves by picking another lifestyle that reflects dignity and morals.