BeyLoi | Reviewer: BeyLoi | 1/25/08

Wheewwww! what more can say to this really hot group...I like them all but I much like Beyonce more really she is Bountiful,Bounciful and Beautiful...

Destiny's Child fan | Reviewer: Danielle Mendez | 12/1/07

I love destiny's child and I'll never forget them and I wish they're still together they're great.

ShaShii | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

i lOve destiny's child when u listen to the lyrics in all their songs they hve real meaning to it!!....Kelly is my fav buh i do think they hold her bak i wish her the best for the future n i hope she puts out ah new album soon!!! some of their songs i do think Beyoncé takes lead a bit to much n she should gve dah rest ah chance her voice is very over powering buh thats becoz shes got a wonderful voice n she has worked very hard for everythng she has!!!...

love ya DC | Reviewer: tj | 8/8/07

From what i've learned from DC is that their music still rock even today and i love them very much. And my most favourable song is "Cater 2 u. I hope for the best in all of them from their No 1 fan South Africa

Just being real on u | Reviewer: nesha | 7/25/07

i luv da old DC and i think it was better then da new one come on now who da hell is michelle how da hell u go from popin my ass to i luv u god and kelly i luv her 2 me she is way better than beyonce and beyonce and her father is holding kelly back

destiny child | Reviewer: joanna | 7/5/07

oursonglovethatsong peace out thankyou

I love your song | Reviewer: Marina I | 6/27/07

im 10 and i love your song im a big fan and i think all of you are pritty and love you all buy

some random person say's so cool | Reviewer: chloe swanson | 6/13/07

i love to sing say my name cause like when you start to listen to it and then sing it you just get it out of your head it's so amazing.
i wish that i could be your biggest fan because you have inspired me so much. when i first heard your songs i would always sing, you can't stop me from singing. but i really wish that i could met beyonce' knowles because she' my idol i really look up to her.

MyIdolssForever<33 | Reviewer: Beyonce#1Fan | 5/26/07

I went to the last concert of DC and like i cried because i love em so much i wood do anything to meet them!!! Beyonce is my idol, fo her voice heer beuty, kindness, generosity, i cood go on...juss wanna lett everyonce knoww noe one cooldd lovee theemm as much i cann<33
loce DC 4ever whatever they do....!!!<333

Love, TheirNumber1Fan!!<33

Why I Adore DC-3 | Reviewer: Ashley | 5/24/07

I adore B.,Kelly, and Michelle because they are hot as a chart-topping trio and I believe that their friendship is stronger than ever because I'm proud of how grew as my favorite female group ever and I hope to get another hot album from them again in the near future.
I love you,ladies and always put God first in whatever you do.

hard working girls | Reviewer: Shana-Gaye | 5/17/07

I love destiny's child, I love the facts they them self show love to each other. kelly I admires your beauty.

My friends like singing "SAY MY NAME"! | Reviewer: Genevie | 5/10/07

i loved destinys child because i love there voice and songs... also my friends keep singing say my name! everyday....

kelly rocks | Reviewer: georgina | 5/7/07

kelly rocks my world. she is the perfect reflection of true african beauty. i love destiny's child and wish them all the best.

The new Destiny's Child | Reviewer: Michaela | 4/21/07

The new Destinys Child is doing better than ever! Lativia and LeToya were holding Beyonce and Kelly back from what they needed to do! I love Destinys Child the way they are now! Beyonce is doing great, Kelly is doing great, and Michelle is doing great! Nobody knows where Lativia is, and LeToya only has ONE album out, since the old Destinys Child broke up! That is pathetic! Anyway, the new Destinys Child is doing perfect! (Even though they broke up). I will ALWAYS love Destinys Child!

The real Destiny Childs | Reviewer: crystal | 3/1/07

It aint no Destiny Childs anymo the real Destiny Childs gone.Without Letoya or Latavia it aint nun it seems like they songs just went down.The old Destiny Childs now that was poppin ya got Michelle who cant sing.Man yall just need too try ova again back then it was bout bills bills bills now u wana cater to yo man lets get da old DC back togetha