your songs | Reviewer: the sad dog | 2/24/14

your time to shin destiny chily is a hip hop song they were so for kids people still love them yuo goes help rell woman with there man i hope you goes can still play and help woman

the love of destiny child | Reviewer: 6060t | 2/24/14

you were the best group ever i wanted for destiny child to play for my mom birthday but she died .I relly like your music write now im dong research on i hope you like this not by and i love you goes

Come back! | Reviewer: Jily | 6/30/13

Dey were a good group. But dea shud be no favouritism. Evry1 shud be given a fair chance and not one particular person alwaz taking d lead-role. I love dancing and dey inspire me alot. I think dey shud re-unite

shoud outs to destiny child. | Reviewer: joshua Agbenyah | 5/3/13

I love destiny child bt i dnt knw y dey had to slipt out cos they hve rili been an inspiration to me especially miss beyonce. Ur de best thing i never had nd best thing dat hs ever happened to me. Frm ur number 1 fan Accra-Ghana.

Come Back | Reviewer: Karyn | 12/29/12

As I read this article of Destiny's Child i relized that i am a huge fan of them. They really need to come back together and create more songs because they had alot of fans. If Beyonce and Kelly Rowland come together then the other two will have to join. Somebody should give this little shot out to anything thing they have cause really i was only a month old when Destiny's Child came out they need to come out so that i can here more good music such as Say My Name, Bootylicious, and Cater Me. PlEASE GET BACK TOGETHER DESTINY'S CHILD!!! From Your Adoring Fan
Karyn Kelly

Wait,, What? | Reviewer: Lily Pad | 3/20/11

How come it's talking about the summer of 2000 and then it goes back to the summer of 1999 when it begins talking about LaToya? I need this information and if its not correct, I am in trouble. Please respond as soon as you can.

Destiny's child love youuu | Reviewer: zeekay | 1/11/11

i listen to Destiny's Child since i was 10 i like them so much great vocals. Beyonce is my ideal i love her so much her music is really great same as kelly rowland .Too bad the groupe split up i bet if they didn't they would be the best groupe and band and won many awards . destinys love u mwahh

Bey and the Destiny's Child | Reviewer: Jayonce | 12/15/10

I love Destiny's Child, They are the best girl group of all time Beyonce is the ultimate, lead singer of the group. Beyonce is the queen of the group (only queen). Without Bey the Destiny's Child would of never got anywhere in the music industry. I like Bey better in the Destiny's Child (DC) she had that real sexy bootielicous vibe along looking better with 2 women in the back of her looking sexy. She had more soul and popularity. Bey is the princess. i wish Destiny's Child would comeback together again (crying). They were such a good group. they had bootielicous

omg i cant belive it | Reviewer: Chastidy Florez | 5/19/10

omg i cant believe they split up that is so crazy. And they were, and still are my best girls, and always will be. I wish they figure the mistakes they all have done and work things out. I LOVE YOU ALL DESTINY CHILD'S

ms.pyt/ reviewer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

i loved destiny's child growing up they was the hottest girl group next to TLC i grew up listen to them as a performer myself they were an inspiration i love dancing that is my passion and i love to perform with friends who share my passion i just hate that beyonce kelly letoya and latavia didnt keep the sisterhood alive because they were really inspirational to a lot of young girls such as myself i still love them im not going to say anything negative about anybody in teh group because they all became successful so i cant hate on that i want that to be me one day luv ya!!!!!

its over | Reviewer: karen | 5/9/09

i miss them so much i think they were a little 2 much over their heads together. beyonce father thought this was a little girls dreams comin true BUT NO ( its not a movie) I LUV them i wish they'd come bak :)

How I Feel... | Reviewer: Diva | 2/20/09

well i thot that Destiny's child wuz hott. beyonce was always singing the songs more than anyone. that kinda annoyed me. the other girls never sung half as much as bee. she always took the spotlight. but anywho,,, they are good goin solo. i never really liked michelle's voice, it sounded like a pig at times. kelly had a really mellow and smooth sexi voice and bee had a strong voice but also sexii too. but uhm anywayz, i love em all and their muzik always did have good lyrics. but beyonce wuz just too in front for me and i never liked that. but go girls do ya thang. ;)

happy for the group and all they have contributed to the nation | Reviewer: THERESA | 12/10/08

um i have always thought destiny childs was a great group they performed well together all of them sing beautifully but sometimes it did appear that beyonce was like taking over but when it all comes down she was really pushing the group to aim for the top to be the best female group out and they accomplished their goal and made that happy so therefore i am happy for them and i loved the song survior and help me get through a rough time so thanks to all the members since 1990 and all the way up to now even tho they are not together everyone of them has been a great inspiration in my life in many different ways

CelebrityStar | Reviewer: | 11/18/08

I cried when I found out they split up. Sure they did GREAT on their own but I'd do almost anything too get them back together but still have them do their own thang. I have a group of 4 with me and my best friends and we're going to be the next Destiny's Child.

Do what you do | Reviewer: Ciara | 4/3/08

I like Destiny's child i have always liked them every since i was younger but i think that beyonce did good on her own but so did kelly. when kelly went out on her own she proved that she was just as good as beyonce and im proud of her. michelle you keep doing your thing as a gospel singer or whatever you are doing keep it up. god bless you all and kelly keep doing what you do.