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Performed by Destiny's Child

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My man deserves it | Reviewer: Itemogeng | 12/5/12

When i was abondoned by my own my mom...he was all i hav and by th time we wer still young,he stayed @ this home alone after his dad died...he welcomed me in his arms gave me the wrld,althou i was still sad inside and very mad with my mom...he made sure nothin tears me apart,he made sure to put a smile on my face...i love him always n hope we have all we want in life...God gave me him loads

Meow meow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/10

I like this song. Some relationships are unhealthy and perfect examples of inequality, true. But sweeping generalizations get us nowhere.

My story: I'm engaged to a soldier who's been a dear friend since we were 14. He's in Iraq, and helping put me through school so I can finish my degree. If you think I'm not going to cater to his every whim when he returns, you are OUT OF YOUR MIND.

He left me behind for a year so we could spend our lives together, and supports and encourages me in every aspect of my life; how could he possibly deserve any less?

Dear people: Treat your significant other like gold. Every minute, every day. Listen to them when they talk. Tell them you love them every day. Maintain hobbies that you can enjoy separately and together. If something is bothering you, TELL THEM before it gets out of hand. This is the way that lovers should treat each other.

Do all these, and your love life will be easier; it weeds out the riffraff pretty quick!

Slaves | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/10

Cater 2 U is ass-backwards, period. There's nothing redeeming about the lyrics in that song whatsoever, since it's all about making sure that you bend over backwards to be subservient so that a 'willing woman' won't take your place.
So anti-woman.

Love | Reviewer: Nika | 6/1/10

I love this song because this is exactly how i treat my baby i love him wit all my heart nd im not gonna give him up for nothin nd nobody he is my everything nd he treats me lyke a queen nd dats da real reason i love him nd this song

I just love it.. | Reviewer: mariana | 12/7/09

this song inspires me to know that i've the best man next to me, and that i will cater 2 him always..he gives everything for me, and works hard for me..but all i gotta say is that his the love of my life and that im hooked on him...This is how I show appreciation to my man..I would do anything for him..!!!

It's my favorite!!! | Reviewer: love | 12/24/07

My boyfriend and I love this song, he made me sing this song when he comes from work and he treats me like his angel and I cater 2 him.

i love this song | Reviewer: mia | 12/11/07

I treat my man like this he works hard to give me what i need and things i mention, he gets them for me. He treats me like a queen. And i cater to him, i would do anything for him.

Great Song... for few men | Reviewer: Tania | 12/2/07

I think it's a beautiful song, but let's be honest. Very few men deserve this kind of attention.
I would do all this and more for a man worth while.

this song is the bomb | Reviewer: Nyisha | 5/29/07

cater 2 u is the best song i like by destiny childs. i love this song so much

african | Reviewer: bolanle | 3/13/07

Lovely song shows a lot of appreciation to ur man and is so african i mean dats how every woman should treat her man by being submissive, its even in the bible aaah!

tight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/05

I think this was a good song i should be in it

Please remove the F word in this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/05

There is a huge misspell in these lyrics. The girls are singing "let me feed you" The autor of these lyrics used the "F" word. I don't think this was done on purpose. Plaese remove.


A very good song

Love it girls | Reviewer: angel | 6/26/05

I think the song was perfect.I liked that you stayed on one subject,your men.I heard that you will be splitting up again.I think yall should stay together as long as you can because Im trying to be a singer and I cant find no one to descover me thats why I look up to all 3 of yall. Well I love the song and Keep it real.

this song is very pretty | Reviewer: samantha | 1/12/05

I like the song Cater 2 U, because it shows you how to love your man the right way, and because they're not just sayin that they do that all the time they are reconizing the fact that he's great and he works hard.

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