First in Tucson | Reviewer: Randy Gerson | 2/22/13

When I first heard DM 'See 'you' no one was listening to electronic music in my junior high school.
They thought that the music and I were crazy.
When Personal Jesus' came out, DM became a household phrase!XO

SuperBand | Reviewer: Arthur Kiseljov | 9/1/12

I love this band since their 5th album and that was time when music sounds from tapes. These DM tapes always was on top of tape stack for quick accessing. I grew up with this music. After all tribulations in my life and DM's life their music always wakes me up from depression, sleepiness etc., and doesn't make disappontment at each next album release. Thank you, DM!
Greetings from Latvija, Liepaja! Love & Peace! :)

pre teen | Reviewer: Rebecca Elizabeth Richard | 8/8/12

I was 12 years old when i first heard the song "never let me down again" i bought music for the mass (tape) and after listen to it for several years to come I favored side 2 of this tape.... Your my favorite group
love ya' ANGELS

Great Band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/08

Depeche Mode is certainly one of my most favourite bands.
I heard them when my bro bought their album, and i instantly fell in love with them, they simply rock.
Truly a great band, worth listening to. Keep on the good work guys ! ;)