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- | Reviewer: headbanger | 11/3/07

This band is SO AWESOME i wasn't even into metal before my bro told me, and now i'm so into it - bands like Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Flyleaf, Thousand Foot Krutch, etc. My fav. songs are One thousand apologies, i'm not ready to die, and The tide began to rise.
Luv ya guys, keep up the hunting.

maybe the best metal band ever | Reviewer: Victor Ress├ęguier | 10/28/07

I come from France and here, DH is not known at all. I never found them in any store!
I love them since I heard Not reday To Die first. So I bought Summer Of Darkness on the net. Then they released The Triptych and i bought it on the net once again. Then as I loved it so much, I bought their first record, which was quite different from the others. Then when they released The Triptych's special edition, I bought it.
A few days ago, I preordered their new upcomming album Storm The Gates Of Hell in the Deluxe fan edition and I can't wait for it on the mail!!
Demon Hunter is the best christian metal band ever and one of the best metal bands ever. God bless them! The hunt continues...

They are Christian | Reviewer: Joe | 10/15/07

Yes Demon Hunter is christian. you would know if u would look at the lyrics and not the mention the band name... "Demon Hunter" think about it...

anyway Demon Hunter is christian and they are awesome

Demon Hunter | Reviewer: Steve-O | 9/20/07

Demon Hunter never ceases to me. Ever Since i have listened to the first album i have been hooked. Their Material is awsome. I can't wait till they make a new album!!!

Awesome Band | Reviewer: Stephen Bartels | 9/12/07

Demon Hunter is one of my favorite bands. I have researched them and found their lyrics to be very christion. They are one of the few bands that got me liking the metal genre. They are pretty much one of the best bands out ther. The Showdown id up there too.
Servant of Christ,

Demon Hunter | Reviewer: Yamkela | 9/11/07

I cannot determine to myself whether or not they are a truly a Christian band, that loves God and makes music for God, however I am currently doing more research for it. I just researched Underoath because my sister liked them a lot, and I found nothing Christian about that band. I researched them a lot, and found out that they are a band with Christian morals, but not fully-blown Christian music motives. That is what I have determined. However, I am going to conduct more research about Demon Hunter, and will post here or somewhere else when I have completed that research.

In the mean time, here are some good bands that are appropriate to listen to, because I have researched them and found them to be authentic Christian bands.

Anberlin, Blindside, Disciple, Family Force 5, Wavorly, Flyleaf, Thousand Foot Krutch, Falling Up, Kutless (like you haven't heard of Kutless!)

Anyway, as a last note, I am not saying that Demon Hunter is not a Christian band, and I am not judging them in anyway. I am merely stating the following: I cannot determine whether or not they are appropriate to listen to at this time, for my own personal reasons. I will conduct more research, and come up with a conclusion from there.

Love the Lord, everyone!

Yamkela, a weapon of God

Amazing band. | Reviewer: Steven | 9/4/07

Favourite band ever. My favourite song would probably be Infected. Or Coffin Builder. Can't wait to get a tattoo.

"Thy power shall give us strength." | Reviewer: Jesus' Warrior | 7/13/07

It's amazing what this band has achieved... At first, I didn't believe that it is actually a great Christian Metal band; however I realize that God has given them this talent to spread out His Word... These guys are really special, I wish that their songs and those of other Christian bands could be heard more in places where it's really necessary to talk about Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Let's bring more weapons to the "Battle of Light", and defeat evil.

Keep up the good work... God bless you all

best christian band | Reviewer: hunter for God | 7/8/07

I think that these guys are awsome. they have the speed and feriousity of Pantera but with lyrics that speak about God. If I hadn't heard these guys, I would have never thought that there were christian heavy metal artists. I thank them for that and hope that God has great plans for them.

P.S., I hope their new album comes out soon

#1 fan | Reviewer: jaymz | 6/14/07

I am into metal. When I first heard about Demon Hunter was thier song Not Ready To Die. My friend told me that they are a Christian band and I said no way because they sound like Pantara. After that I have became a hugh fan. I even got thier logo from the Summer of Darkness cd tattooed on my leg. Because of DH, I am now into nothing but Christian metal. I also got my wonderful girlfriend into DH. Keep telling Gods word to the world.

demon hunter i am demon hunter | Reviewer: jodi laursen | 6/11/07

demon hunter is the best band out there i have all three albums plus the spec edition with dvd which i say kicks i love it. every song is my favorite tune and my friends and family think i am crazy because i am 35 and all i play is demon hunter demon hunter demon hunter.

wow | Reviewer: Necrocide | 3/12/07

one of my friends introduced me to demon hunter, and the first song i heard immediately became my favorite song, along with the second and third... amazing...

great band | Reviewer: Paraphrase | 3/8/07

Demon Hunter has shown signs of maturity with every album without losing their touch or power

demon hunter is good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/07

i dont care what other people think about demon hunter because i dont beleive in judging people with tatoos. i also know that ryan clark is a man of god dedicated to showing young teens the prophetic mesage of the lord

It's all about the music | Reviewer: Sermon/V.S.\Pentagram | 5/22/06

This is what metal was meant to be. Enough said. And you don't have to be Christian to listen to it.

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