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Impowering and definitely a Christian band. | Reviewer: Tyler | 5/24/12

These guys are great I am honored to have met them.
The "third eye" is a bullet hole, they hunt personal demons.
And keep in mind some song are in the perspective of non-Christians, example "beauty through the eyes of the predator."

These guys aren't Christian | Reviewer: The real Mary | 4/19/12

You guys are blind. This is not a Christian band if you think so why would they have a skull with the third eye revealed on their album cover?

They are Christian posers, not a Christian band, all one has to do is read the lyrics.

Blessed to see DH in concert! | Reviewer: Lee | 1/18/09

Last year at Red Letter Rock Fest in Snyder, Texas I was so blessed to see Demon Hunter. I tend to listen to metal music that's not uplifting. While I had listened to DH before I saw them...actually seeing them do what God has set before them, I was so touched and forever hooked. Thanks guys!

Demon Hunter | Reviewer: Joe Elkins | 12/16/08

at first i never did get into christen rock bands but until i listen to demon hunter "man they are freaking awsome." ever since i have listening to heavy metal bands such as Living Sacrifice, impending doom, underoath, norma jean, soul embraced, my children,my bride, flyleaf, evanescence and many more christen bands my favorite song from demon hunter is The Soldier's song to be honest that song makes me cry sometimes.

great band | Reviewer: NewFan | 11/20/08

This is a great band to listen to. Their words always touch you when you listen to their songs.
Espically in 1000 Apologies and Infected. All I know is that they have truly touched me and help me when I am in the void.

Change for God! | Reviewer: Christopher | 7/26/08

I hated this type of music....I am a Christian, but my musical tastes were stuck in the Pink Floyd, Beatles. Led Zeppelin...ect age.I didn't like metal at all, but the music I liked had hardly anything uplifting to the words sung by the artists. So I searched the web for Christian rock bands and I stumbled upon, Demon Hunter.I listened to them on Youtube, and I was blown away....I was completly ignorant to the fact that people could sing in a different, unique way as they do and uplift Christ at the same time....Im now a hardcore Demon Hunter fan, and will always be, thanks Demon Hunter for this true inspiration and change of my musical taste for the Lord...!

Great Band | Reviewer: mary | 3/19/08

I think this band reaches a whole new spectrum of people. It brings an awareness of God to people who would probably never get exposure otherwise. It shows young people that it's "cool" to have faith in God and express it openly. This band and others like them are opening doors to the people who truly need the saving power of Christ. to a fan of both metal and Christian music who likes some of the aspects of rock and roll life and all of aspects of a God loving, church going life, a band like Demon Hunter has bridged that once impossible gap. I know this first hand because I am one such fan.

Seeing the word Through Demon Hunter's Lyrics | Reviewer: JR | 1/10/08

Storm The Gates Of Hell is an amazing album! My favs are Fading Away, Carry Me Down, Lead Us Home, STGOH, and Thorns. But Carry Me Down really speaks and has an amazing sound to it. Truely, any respectful Christian metal-head would love this as I do!

This is a comment to pyroguy17 and everyone else | Reviewer: COBHCSS | 12/27/07

I love the band, but they are not metal, they are christian rock, and yes, they are heavier than shitty bands like underoath and shit like that, but they are not metal.

Amazing Band | Reviewer: pyroguy17 | 12/11/07

Demon Hunter is the greatest band ever!!!! I have disliked heavy metal for a long time but about a year ago my friend put Undying on his myspace and I was like WOW this is amazing. I have been hooked ever since.

One of the best | Reviewer: James | 11/27/07

dudes i just recently bought storm the gates of hell and i have to say that is one of their best if not their best work i have ever heard, one of my favorite songs on the entire album is Thorns just because of the rythm of the vocals and the guitars, it is a beautiful song that maintains the hard hitting rythm and riffs that hunters have come to expect from this band, i highly recommend this album to any and everyone who is a demon hunter fan.

Storm the Gates Of Hell Released | Reviewer: BigDHFan | 11/11/07

This album is so awesome, it has to be their best one yet. Everyone go check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Demon hunter | Reviewer: Steven Phare | 11/9/07

ever since i heard their first album i was hooked and that was over 3 years ago. i really enjoy their music and i own all their albums. They have that heavy sound which i enjoy and their music is christian.

amazing album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

So, before Storm The Gates Of Hell came out, I likd Demon Hunter, I had respect for them, but I didn't think they were all that amazing compared to other big metal bands (Killswitch Engage, Underoath, Atreyu). Now Storm The Gates Of Hell comes out, and I'm like, wow! My feelings for this band have like, skyrocketed. They truly did an amazing job on this album.

wahoo | Reviewer: headbanger | 11/3/07

This band is SO AWESOME i wasn't even into metal before my bro told me, and now i'm so into it - bands like Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Flyleaf, Thousand Foot Krutch, etc. My fav. songs are One thousand apologies, i'm not ready to die, and The tide began to rise.
Luv ya guys, keep up the hunting.

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