AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: Delta Goodrem Lover Forever And Always | 9/8/11

i love delta she has been my idol since she started acting and singing, regardless of What people say i have always loved her and always will, i hope one day i could meet you and i hope i would turn out like you <3


Hi | Reviewer: Emma louise | 2/9/09

Hey my name is emma and i have loved delta goodrem so much and she has been miii idol since she has started singing and i evan have a letter fromn her wit her signitcha on it AWSOME but i am doing a project on her and i am finding it hard on getting an autobiography on her and i was wondering if anyone gets a good web site with her autobiography please email

anonymous | Reviewer: DELTA GOODREM #1 FAN | 2/9/09

delta is my idol and m role model. i have alwaysed loved her and i also met her in 2008. she is amazing!! and tall!! LOL! i have been to her concerts also and it was terrific! to think that at the age of 15 she got a recording contract!!!!

An Angel Named Delta | Reviewer: Maria | 1/23/08

Delta is not just a singer among all others.
She's literally an angel walking on earth.
Through her songs and wonderful lyrics she has the gift to help people through difficult times.
I know she helped me to find my way back from pain and disappointment many times.

She has an incredible voice I hardly believe no one else has.

She has the strength to keep on smile no matter what she's going through.

For all that, Delta is and she always will be my angel.

I look up to her.

I love you Princess.

Awesome | Reviewer: Nicole | 11/8/07

You have so much courage standing up to what you believe in and I think that is the most important thing of all. You're a role model to everyone and I wish I could be like you!!! I love your songs and hope you keep going in your awesome life.
Love Nicole

Delta | Reviewer: Caleb | 9/23/07

Delta is a great singer, shes hot too, i get up every morning just to wait until you are on video hits or whatever, 2 minutes of being able to watch you is a lifetime reward!!!

i love you!

Best in the world | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/4/07

Delta can't go wrong in her life. She's a great role model for everyone. After what she's been through she rocks!!!

Delta Is Wicked | Reviewer: Ashlee | 9/2/07

Hey Delta you are an awsome singer and i love your new song 'In This Life' it's wicked! anyway i loved all ur albums and all your songs
bye x.x.x ♥♥♥

stephanie_babeygirl | Reviewer: stephanie | 8/18/07

heys i just want too let anybody and everbody know i just love delta so much! she has always been my hero and and always will be! not only is she brave, guttsy and very very pretty i love her regardals i love her acting singing personality but most of all i love her for who she and not what she is i love you long time honey miss delta love your number one biggist fan babeygirl stephanie xoxoxoxoxox mmaawwhh xoxoxoxox :)

awesome | Reviewer: esther | 4/16/07

her singing is amazing she can't do any wrong