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Performed by Delta Goodrem

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This Girl Deserves It All | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

I have been a fan of Delta Goodrem since 2003 and have loved every song she sings! This girl could sing the phone book and people would listen! She has meaning to all of her songs! I love that her songs are not about love but about life and hard times and good times and awful experiances and growing up and that life is not a fairy-tale but hard work that is worth it!

hello | Reviewer: jade | 11/8/07

hello Delta Goodrem i love your new song. My friends love it too we sing it all the time at school.
I watch it all the time on the video clips.
I love all your songs i have got them too i love them lots.
Can you send me a email back plz. bye bye bye bye bye .

I love delta | Reviewer: Lola Rose | 11/6/07

I have always liked delta but now shes back, I LOVE HER SONGS AND VOICE! AND SHE IS REALLY PRETTY!
Email me if u think so

In this life | Reviewer: Amanda E | 10/1/07

I love her new song it is spectacular shes hot shes one of the best singers. shes come as a role to eveyone and one of the best austraklian singer and we are all proud of her we love her MWAH!!!

Delta Goodrem's Awesome | Reviewer: Alyce #1... | 10/3/07

This song is one of the best songs I've heard this year...
It's seriously great.
Great new look she's got...
Love the song.
Cya- Delta Is The Best!

Welcome back Delta! | Reviewer: Sexi | 9/29/07

Delta has again proved herself as a great artist. Great song, good looks, but the clip seemed dull. Be beta wit a movielike plot.

In this life | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/15/07

This is one of my favorite songs from her. when i get older i want to play my piano and sing just like her. she can make anyone love music all over again. Delta Rox!

Fantastic | Reviewer: WahlbergLover | 9/10/07

This new song is demonstrates exactly why Delta Goodrem is Australia's most loved female artist. She is extremely talented and this song showcases all of her talent. Her new look is also fantastic... she is so HOT!!!

Great Song | Reviewer: Beck | 9/6/07

I love all of delta's songs but this one is fantastic!!It doesnt sound like her and that's wat makes her so popular and the song she's fabulous!!!

Delta is back! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

Awesome song, full of meaning, directly from the heart. Typical Aussie, never gives up, now she is back, sexier than ever!!

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