Deftones music is beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/2008

The something special person totally gets it! Perfectly said sir, my favourite band and this music is so amazing and like you said-other worldly. It is so brilliant i don't think people can define it, which i also like!
People that appreciate this music are blessed!

something special | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/2007

Deftones are not like any other band out there. They create more than music--they create moods. Deftones' music has an other-wordly quality to it. Chino's abstract lyrics combined with the music which all the guys create together makes for, as the article states, an "experience" rather than a mere listen. You can't package Deftones into one neat little box and sell them, which is why the band represents all that is right with music, and all that is wrong with popular culture today, mainly radio. But who really cares? I don't really want to share this gem of a band with the masses, do you?

really different | Reviewer: Sonny | 6/7/2007

Deftones is a different band from all the others and that isnt a negativ thing, That is a really positiv thing. Becouse they rock!!!

the greatest band on earth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/2006

the deftones started the rap rock style but unlike the copycats, the deftones keep it real and continue to do so throughout all their albums.
chino is a poet and his words are beautiful. the deftones are the greatest band in the world.