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True Def Leppard | Reviewer: DEEJAY | 2/16/13

Well i started listening to Def Leppard when they first came out and when i was 15 in high school. The first song i ever heard was Wasted. They inspired me to be a DJ also. And i have been a dj since age 19. Since then i have been a true Leppard addict. I just love these guys. every song. i see them in concert (vip) every single year they come to Cleveland. They will always be my favorite, and i will ROCK ROCK to them til I DROP ......... Cleveland Rocks............

my favorite band | Reviewer: Stephen Shelton | 1/14/13

Def leppard is my all time favorite band. Im 16 and I grew up listening to def leppard. Nobody makes music that touches me like they do. They will forever be my favorite band. They need to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. ASAP

Def Leppard rocks 4 ages | Reviewer: Katie | 5/1/12

I LOVE this band SOOOOOOOOOO much! My favorite band member is STEVE CLARK! My favorite song? Switch 625!

I am 13 and I love def leppard and tons of other heavy metal old skool rock bands but Def Leppard is the all time BEST!

true fan | Reviewer: lois harper | 6/25/11

saw them 3 days ago in charlote n.c. they still rocked my world. that was my sixth dl concert.they are the only band for me. joe just makes my body shake when he sings or talks. i am 48 years old.and im not a shamed to be your groupie.

this is not a review | Reviewer: christie | 2/12/11

Iv been listening to def leppard for a very long time luv the music just want to say that ur determination and courage is an insperation to everyone thank u for the wonderful music yall have given us

love the 80's rock | Reviewer: Sapphire | 12/12/09

I'm 13 going on 14 i've been listening to poison and bon jovi my whole life but once i got a taste of Def Leppard they have become my top favorite band!!! my ipod is packed with old Def Leppard and i'm gonna get new Def Lepp on it to

Def Leppard | Reviewer: qcookies | 11/9/09

I am a 14 year old kidd and i have been listening to def leppard since i was a tyke...since then i have grown up a little and have filled my ipod with their music

Def Leppard is a kind of music of its own

def leappard what can i say!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: kyle rolfe | 1/29/09

I love this band, there is no one better then def leppard, they move my soul! I love every song they have!! I ve been a fan ever since I was 4, my mom always had them play'n in the car and it always got my attention! my fav. songs animal, all i want is everything, blood runs cold, photograph, stand up kick love into motion, four letter word \, go, only the good die young, i love it all!! Keep rock def leppard!!!

def leppard is the best | Reviewer: sara | 10/16/08

i love def leppard i am 21 and have love def leppard sice i was 3 yares old my favet songs from the band are photograph make love like a man and me and my boyfriend have our own song which is have you ever needed someone so bad because we where not living together we where a part nirly all of the time i only got to see him over the weekends

but i love joe so much he is the best out of all of the other guys in def leppard i have always loved joe since i was 6 yares old x x

Moves your feet and soul | Reviewer: Bill Smith | 9/26/08

Unlike the others I am in my mid fifties. Def Leppard simply rocks, you cannot help but sing along and dance. Harmonies from heaven itself, with a beat that drives you to move. I own much of their music I will be an eternal fan.

BEST BAND EVA!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/08

I love Def Leppard, I'm 19 and Ive been listening to them ever since I could walk, literally. I love them all, and I love each and every one of their songs, I listen to them every day. My favorite is pour some sugar on me, rock of ages, photograph, and lets get rocked. there awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love joe!!!

Lets get Rocked!!!!!! | Reviewer: Alex | 12/5/07

Def leppard rocks boys and girls come to the side of rock... My favorite song is "lets get rocked" especially the music video. The old computer graffics adds a twist to it. R.I.P Steve Clark

i think... | Reviewer: lynzee | 12/4/07

Def leppard rules! i watched the hysteria on them and it was great. my favorite band member would have to be steve clark. my two favorite songs are "Photograph" and, "Pour some sugar on me" but Photograph is definatly the #1 song in my book. i just wanted to say that Def Leppard is my favorite band and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

DEF LEPPARD ROXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Maley | 9/27/07

Def Leppard is my favorite band.Im 14 and I've listened to them since I was 2.I can't pick a favorite member,but I like them all so that is fair.I play the bass guitar so I can relate to "Sav".And I can relate to the others too.Like Joe:I Sing, Phil and Vivian:I play with fierce in my notes,Rick:My cousin has only his right arm.As for Steve I lost a best friend do to Alcoholisam

Underrated | Reviewer: Eric | 6/29/07

So many great songs. I was addicted to Hysteria when it came out. Fav songs are too many to name. From On Through the Night - Rock Brigrade, High n Dry - You got me Running, Pyromania - Foolin, Hysteria - Love & Affection (or Run Riot), Adrenalize - I Wanna Touch U, Retroactive - Two Steps Behind, Slang - Breath a Sigh, Euphoria - Guilty, X - Let Me Be the One

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