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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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so pretty, so sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

i love this song, but i also hate it. it reminds me of my friend who i'm trying to help who's getting himself into a lot of trouble. he used to smoke and drink and even at his high points he's still cutting. "Who's going to watch you die" stings everytime i hear it because i realize- i am. i am watching him die, even if he's not killing himself in the traditional way.and people keep telling me not to fix him, he's beyond repair, but how do you leave someone who needs you so desperately and who you need so desperately? so i don't really know why i like the song, but i find myself listening to it over and over and when i need to break down, i use this song to cry to for hours.

O Emm Gee | Reviewer: katie | 10/14/08

ok so this song is amazing! i love it.
oh and "syd" your an idiot. nobody wants
to hear your little sob story about how you went into surgery and this song popped into your head. this song reminded me of my mom. she's dying of cancer and when i sit with in the hospital i put in my ipod when she's sleeping and listen to this song and cry. she only has a few months to live. well at least i got my daddy!

my interpretation | Reviewer: Ant | 10/11/08

"What Sarah said" is on my "workout playlist" between Powerman 5000 - "when worlds colide" and Spitalfield - "on the floor", it's such a lyrically intense that the emotional tone gives me a "kick" when I am working out. In the song when Gibbard recites "each decending peak on the LCD took you a little farther away from me", never fails to give me chills... Great song, great artist.

wow | Reviewer: syd | 6/28/08

wow this song is so amazingly good!
i remember being in the waiting room to
go into surgery and thinking about this
song because i had like all of my family
with me and i mean i wasn't dying but
i was still scared and everything
and this song just popped into my
head. this song, this album is just so

Oh my god | Reviewer: Deanna | 6/25/08

I am obessessed w/this song right now. I'm at work right now and it just keeps playing over and over in my mind. Hopefully I won't wear it out... but I have a new love now... it's called Death Cab for Cutie!

The Lovesong of Ben Gibbard | Reviewer: Eric | 4/5/08

I was reading DCFC's facebook page and it says that this song was inspired by a friend who suddenly burst into tears on a walk with her husband one day because she realized that eventually on of them would have to watch the other day. And that is true love, finding the person who's going to watch you die. Its really a testament to Ben Gibbard's lyrical ability, to turn something seemingly morbid into a beautiful piece of the definition of the ever-uncompleted definition of love.

Greatest song on the album | Reviewer: Randall | 4/5/08

I have this album love it to death, something to think bout, i read down on some of these, and wanted to point something there are a few songs that everyone in the world can realate to at some point and time, This song captures that moment, Ive been there in a waiting room lookng a vending machine and the video behind this was perfect, to say this is not poetry you cant, anything can be poetry. this song caputres the love and sadness all in one tune.

my mom's relative | Reviewer: joss | 4/4/08

I remember listening to this song in the car. I had the CD so that my mom and i can listen to. This song came up and my mom started to cry when the lyrics read "Love is wacthing someone die." It was very emotional for my mom because her aunt died from cancer, around that time.

just putting my two cents in | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/08

This song is possibly the most intellectually deep song the entire CD. Interpretations are definitely up for grabs on this one, but personally it reminds of "transatlanticism." Both hint on the fact of losing someone close and they also describe the feelings that surround the loss(moreso in what sarah said.) By the way...brothers on a hotel bed is not about gays...way off. I promise.

love is... | Reviewer: probe1340 | 2/15/08

Love is seeing someone die like the song says. Its getting to know someone like no one ever will, being there for them until the end. Wonderful but at the same time sad song, ben gibbard has managed once again to write an awesome yet touching song a lot of people can relate to.

Listen to the last note | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

It sounds just like the note of a flatline from an ekg machine. I've listened to this song many time without ever really paying attention to the words but it caught me today. Great song.

beautiful, yet simplistic - response to "oh, gawd" #1 | Reviewer: jeremy | 1/29/08

There is a certain type of poetry called "aesthetic realism" characterized by exactness - which is exactly what mr. gibbard has accomplished in this song. while the lyrics are simple, they describe through an artist's eyes the one thing no one wants to go through.

So, in short, you're a moron, learn your shit and come back again.

oh gawd | Reviewer: Ard | 1/18/08

oh gawd is for the way it is a beautiful song... alot of people will have good/bad memory's finding their way to their brain when hearing this song.... i'm sure of that :)

What Sarah Said | Reviewer: Chris | 1/16/08

I have spent several days visiting my beloved grandmother deteriorate in a nursing home. She has advanced Alzheimer's and has stopped eating. She no longer recognizes her family. As she slips in and out of consciousness, we hold her hand, wait, and tell her stories about her wonderful life. This song resonates, and will continue to.

Stop complaining | Reviewer: Nadi | 1/12/08

The whole point of a song is to express emotion... So, what is wrong with talking about a situation that appeals to the emotions? Many can relate to losing a loved one... Are you saying this is not a worthy a topic? Yeah, I'm talking to you "Oh gawd"

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