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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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CuTe soOng! | Reviewer: Emily, strange | 9/15/07

Woww! This is one of my favourite songs! My name is Sarah too! :) But the videoclip is much better anyways...

sigh | Reviewer: Ha | 8/26/07

Just yesterday, my love's grandmother passed away. It was a very scary experience. My first time.

I listened to this song a lot before, but now whenever i hear this song it gives me chills.
I love it, it's very very heart felt.

love this song. | Reviewer: rosie | 8/24/07

i was in my dads hospital room when he died. i feel this song was written for me, i love this song.

amazing | Reviewer: jordy | 8/6/07

i love this song, and the video made it even better. Everytime I hear this, I cry for good and sad reasons. The music and everything is just well put

what sarah said | Reviewer: sarah | 8/5/07

i love this song. it is so meaningfully. especially the words 'so whos gonna watch you die?' and 'love is watching someone die'
the lyrics are so meaningfull and it really sets the scene

last night | Reviewer: Laura | 7/28/07

I work in an ICU and watched a person die last night. Although the man crashed fast and his family wasn't there, I like to think the many people involved trying to bring him back are part of the "love" Deathcab is talking about. This song is fabulous.

-sigh- | Reviewer: Sara | 7/24/07

Beautiful song.
My boyfriend used to sing this song to me all the time.
We barely talk anymore.
This song reminds me of him.

What Sarah Said | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07

I've listened to this song a million times, and never even listened to the lyrics...I just thought it was pretty. I just finally listened the lyrics, and it made me cry. It reminds me of my dad, he died of cancer, and I'd always wait in the hall until I could get in to see him.

This is such a enchanting song. | Reviewer: Amanda | 6/28/07

Although I have never actually experienced being in a waiting room, it truly speaks out and is really special.


Love is watching someone die. | Reviewer: Rachel | 6/17/07

The song is so beautiful. Unlike so many songs of today, it actually means something. To sing it right, you would have had to have lived through an experience like this. To listen to it, it is just so filled with emotion and pain. Breath taking

What Sarah said | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/30/07

A dear friend of mine drowned on a school trip while river rafting, a few weeks ago in Turkey. Her two best friends saw her die. This song was played at her memorial, because it meant very much to her.
We will always love you <3

wow.. | Reviewer: Jess | 5/23/07

This song is probably one of the best songs I have ever heard..and when i read the real meaning of it I realized it was even more deeper then I even thought its like when i listen to this song it sends me so many unrecognizable emotions and you could just tell its written form teh heart

dcfc - what sarah said | Reviewer: Laura | 5/22/07

best song i've heard in a long time! the lyrics really make you think, who will watch you die?


What Sarah Said | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/19/07

I love this song so much.
I've spent too much time in my young life
saying goodbye to people at funerals.
and this song is so true.
it really captures those little things that
everyone tries to forget.
and its almost eerie because the title is
what sarah said..
and my name is sarah..
and that sounds like something i would say.
"love is watching someone die"

BAM! | Reviewer: shaza | 5/20/07

What Sarah Said is one of my favourite songs from all the albums. its chilling, soulful, meaningful, and every time i hear it i cry. some of the best words ever written

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