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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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What Sarah Said | Reviewer: Chris | 5/17/07

From the first listen of this track it sent a chill down my spine. It's so emotionally written and touching in a way its hard explain.


Brilliant | Reviewer: Lee | 5/16/07

This is a beautiful song. Fortunately or not, this song is the antithesis of so many memories -it is emotional at least.

I love this album

What Sarah Said | Reviewer: Julie | 5/15/07

Even the music of this haunting song makes me cry. I have lost two loved ones in the last two year, a beloved sister who listened like no other, and my dear, dear twin brother. I love them both so much! Love IS watching someone die because it is so incredibly painful that only someone who loves a person has the strength to do it. I had never considered the term "waiting room" until my own personal experience. A person is rarely "waiting" for good news in a waiting room. This is a song that spoke to my soul.

jhingalala | Reviewer: My hair | 5/14/07

People don't know this, but i have a death song, and this is it. Whenever anyone dies, which they seem to be doing a lot, i listen to it. It helps a lot.

Amazing | Reviewer: Me | 3/15/07

My sister was in a car wreck in august and she ruptured her spleen and spent several days in surgical ICU in bad shape. Another girl in the wreck was in another ICU and she passed away from brain damage 3 days after the wreck. This song is exactly right. My sister did live, she's sitting three feet from me right at this instant, but it was so scary while she was in the hospital. The magazines are old, the chairs are uncomfortable. It's ridiculously stuffy and there's nothing to do but wait to visit every couple hours. I'll never forget the first time I saw her laying there...

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

this song is unbelievable.
truly amazing.

beautiful... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/07

This song is so hauntingly beautiful. It grabs your heart in a way very little music does anymore. I've been in the ICU waiting room...waiting for the bad news that my mother had died....and I was only 20. And it was just like how he describes it. It's almost like he's telling my story. The best therapy is music that speaks to you and tells you someone else has been where you are....

amazingg | Reviewer: Kristyn | 9/18/06

This song is amazing. It really makes you think. "So who’s gonna watch you die? "

Amazing | Reviewer: Eden | 9/15/06

This song really makes you think.Plus I agree 100 percent with Benjamin Gibbard. Love IS watching someone die.I give my utmost props to Benjamin Gibbard for writing and singing such a wonderful song.

pedal point | Reviewer: David Morris | 6/9/06

The musical technique is called pedal point, where a melodic motif is repeated over a bass moving in stepwise motion. It is employed very successfully in this gritty and lyrical song which is reminiscent of late Bowie.

What I really love about this song is the strong lyrics. For those of us for whom the hospital waiting room is fresh in the faulty camera of our memory, this song articulates something special. Who is it that for 'each descending peak of the LCD' was taken a little further away? And then the romantic challenge 'life is watching someone die

Good stuff, good stuff. Two thumbs up!

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