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Performed by Death Cab For Cutie

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Great Song | Reviewer: james Barber | 12/7/07

I believe this song is so nique because of how he says "love is watcing someone die" Is there any instant in life where you could actually give more love to someone than being with a person while they die. The fact that you are consciously living life and you are looking into the eyes of someone who is about to lose just that. I think that this is an ultimate act of love in being able to experience that. I think that they hit it right on the note!

Oh, gawd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

Over blown, pretentious, and melodramatic. There's no poetry, just a description of something unimaginably sad. If anyone here is a writer, take this advice: If you have nothing new to say, don't say anything at all.

Unless you belong to a record label, and idiots will buy your music no matter what you say. THen you can say whatever the hell you want, and still make money. God Bless America.

Just sharing about my dad... | Reviewer: Sara (no lie) | 12/2/07

My dad fell into a vegitative state after complications from a serious car accident he was in, about two weeks before my 20th birthday. This song reminds me of him, and the horrifically difficult decision my older sister and I had to make, when we decided to take him off of life support.

We were there with him till the very end, for nearly 6 hours, when his heart finally gave out. This song will forever remind me of him and his last days.

RIP daddy

another pointless comment | Reviewer: oldziewski | 12/1/07

As much as I agree with "anonymous", I still think you should get some balls and put an identification, even when you say something you know will piss people off.

: / | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

You will find no solace in your stories here, I dont understand why you all are telling stories to each other when none of you care. Bring your drama to a therapist who is paid to care.

touchy song | Reviewer: soleil | 11/23/07

for some reason, this song reminds me of the 9-11 attacks. i don't know why but it prett much has to do with people dying...however, this song can only mean the sadness of losing a loved one in a hospital.

sarah | Reviewer: cait | 11/24/07

this girl, sarah, in my school district just died two days ago from brain cancer. this song is completely and totally her. everything about it, is sarah. rest in peace <3

Who is sarah? | Reviewer: lauren | 11/19/07

this song gets to me every time
so deep and meaningful the lyrics leave just enough to the imagination. we dont know the whole story, we just see a minute, a glimpse.

all i want to know is who is sarah?

What Sarah Said | Reviewer: fiona | 11/9/07

this song is beautiful.
im listneing to it as i type this
it just reminds me so much of waiting to see my aunt when she was dying of cancer.
just sitting in that room, with the t.v on, no-one talking, just all avoiding what we know would happen.
the nurse came in with the solemn face that you know somehintg is wrong
and told us she was alive, but it wasnt good.
just walkng into that room and seeing her lying there with the tubes everywhere,and her not recognising us.
she died 2 weeks later.
this song just sums it all up and eerything i felt.
this song makes me cry every time
its so heartfelt and meaningful
its the last song i listen to every night

Amazing | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/2/07

Back a year ago in September, my brother was going through a heart transplant. And in the first day of the waiting room, we waited from 5 AM on that morning till 2 AM to the the next morning.
And we got bad news.
Something went wrong so we had to keep coming back as the news plunged deeper and deeper.
At the end of the week in the middle of the school year, it turned out that he died from internal bleeding, and that there was no way to stop it.
This song makes me cry everytime I hear it, and I just start thinking about how much it relates to me and my family.
I picture everyone sitting around, thinking of ways to pass the time in the waiting room, lightly talking, going in the 'Quiet room' to think to themselves, watching helicopters and planes out the window, drawing, playing cards and stuff.
It just sets the scene for me like it was just an hour ago when it happened.
Beautiful song. It touches straight to my heart.

wowowow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

i love this song;
its so meaningfull.
i first heard it on a video
on youtube, type in "what sarah said"
into youtube and scroll down until you see
a car in a frame. someone made that video as
a school project and its amazing.

as much as i try to decipher the lyrics,
i think the beauty of the song lies in the fact
that we cant completly know the entire meaning until something like this happens to you.

Magnificent...Really! | Reviewer: Paul | 9/30/07

My english 1010 teacher played this song for us in class. Strange I know but I absolutly love this song. The imagery is fantastic and it really puts you in the scene.

The Waiting ro0m | Reviewer: Rob | 9/27/07

I listened to this song on the album when it came out and thought it was great but never really got it. About three weeks ago I was in the hospital room while my father was in heart surgery. Things started going bad. The nurse came by and said it was not good, that it was "touchy." For some reason I thought of this song. I held back crying for hours as I got updates that only got worse. I told myself to hold back the tears... for my family, for me. I sat in the waiting room and pretended to watch the tv. I waited for hours, as every other family in the waiting room arrived and left, with the lyric "Who's gonna watch you die" running through my head. I tried not to break down. Finally the doctor said it was ok, they'd stopped the bleeding. He was ok, for tonight. I went home, listened to the song, and cryed for an hour, hitting replay every time the song eneded.

What Sarah Said | Reviewer: AT | 9/21/07

I listened to this song a whole lot while working as a hospital chaplain assigned to the emergency room. I think it's a wonderful look at a reality that most individuals face rarely, but that every day confronts many people. And it's in a 3-based time signature (12/8, likely), which always gets me.

That's love. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

It'll be 2 years this November that my grandfather had passed. I remember watching my grandmother holding his hand and crying. She thanked him for the best 59 years of her life over and over again. This song reminds me of that very moment.. and I will never forget that day.

She watched the love of her life die.

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